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What makes a very bad big budget Hollywood Movie?

Updated on February 26, 2015

What makes a very bad big budget Hollywood Movie

So what are the ingredients of a horrible movie that cost a lot to make and has a huge Hollywood budget? Its always been simple. NO story and no script. The most recent and great example of this is a movie called Jupiter Ascending which has come out this weekend. The movie has 3D and IMAX versions and special effects and overall, its one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Just about every change of scene in this movie made no sense. Nothing was explained. Nothing made any sense. This movie was sheer garbage and a total disaster.

What is most amazing is that after producers read this horrible script, assuming there was a script, decided to spend a fortune on special effects in the hopes that maybe the movie going audience would go into a coma and forget that for a movie, generally there needs to be some kind of a story or some connection between the scenes so the viewer can follow what is happening. Why isn't this common sense? How many big budget movies have been made over the years where all the money is spent for special effects and the story and script are forgotten? Too many and that is the problem.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this horrible movie.


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