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What television and music do to a person

Updated on May 16, 2017
Music and Television are you a fan?
Music and Television are you a fan?

What television and Music do to a person

Everyone likes television and music don't they? Or Maybe not in that order but they like it some might like one more than the other but they can stand either. What do music and television do to a person, though? Is it something mindless that people do to clear their heads, for background noise or just because it is something to have on? How many hours do you watch television? Or listen to music? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself, or other people if you are trying to figure it out. When you ask someone what music and television do to them their answers will be different than someone else because everyone is different. I will use me as an example later on.

Music and television can benefit people in a way that it can give them a heads up on what is happen in the world, if you are listening to something like a radio station and the news comes on, or if you’re watching a television show and there is breaking news that comes on. Or people might just like watching the news stations and listening to the radio that only has talk shows and news. Or you can listen to music and the news can come on every hour to keep you in the loop it is a limitless loop if you continue to listen to it all the time. That is not the point of this, though, the point is what music and television do to a person. Or a better question is what does limitless hours of television and music do to a person?

Well, limitless hours of television and listening to music helps people usually clear their heads so that they don’t have to think after a long day. That is usually why people watch television and listen to music when they come home. For others, it might help them get work done. For example, I have the radio on when I write all day long, why? Well, I can get more work done with music playing in the background, rather than sitting in silence. What about television? I can’t get much work done with the television on but I can read I don’t know why. But enough about me can television and music turn people’s brains to mush, where they can’t focus or get things done?

It probably could, but that all depends on how long a person watches television and how long they listen to music. Some people find watching television and listening to music calming and others do not, it all depends on the person. What do music and television do to a person? Though depending on how much a person watches television it could turn their mind to mush. Why do I say that you ask? I say that because, watching too much television isn’t good for you, staring at a screen can mess up your eyes and you can become a couch potato. Those types of people who just watch television and eat junk rather than go for a walk or even stand up. Although people who listen to music can be the same way, just sitting on the couch listening to the radio rather than getting up and doing things with the music on.

So both things can turn a person’s mind to mush if they let it. But why would a person want to do that? Music and television can consume a person, yes, but that only happens if they let it. For example, this week I took part of the week off to plan ideas for later posts, rather than writing constantly. So yes I have watched a number of different movies, on Netflix and listened to the radio but it hasn’t been all consuming. I know how to manage my time so that I can do other things, as well as watch television, listen to music and get other things done. Although when I am listening to music or watching television also known as Netflix because movies are better than just TV. I clear my mind.

Tv and Music 2016
Tv and Music 2016

Television, Music and Focus

I focus on either the music the book I am reading all while, I am listening to music or if I am watching a movie on Netflix I am focusing on the movie that is playing. I am not thinking of what I should write next, not that ideas don’t pop in my head because they do and that is when I make a note of it on my phone, but I am not focusing all of my energy on ideas. When you focus too much energy on something don’t you find that you don’t get the results that you want? I guess that is just an opinion but that is what happens with me. So when I just want to relax and not really think too hard on something I watch movies, and that is what I have done this week. I know that if I don’t focus too hard on something the ideas come easier, but someone else might not think that way. Music and television can affect people differently, what I mean by that are, some people might use television and music as their downtime and others might use it to help them finish something or it might help them get through something. Having the television or radio on during someone’s prime work hours like cleaning or cooking could distract them and they won’t get things done. Or it could make someone get things done faster, it just depends on the person.

Music and television can be good for some people but bad for others because it can become addicting which is not good because then the person doesn’t get what needs to be done, done. Although this doesn’t happen for everyone what television and music do to a person is different for each person, so please don’t think that watching television and listening to music is a bad thing while you work or get housework done. If it works for you to have music or the television on, then do it that way. What music and television do for one person, might be different for someone else. So please don’t think what I am saying works for everyone because I know that it doesn’t.

What music and television do to a person depends on the person, not what someone else thinks. So think about it before taking my advice in this post, it might not work for you but it might work for others.

T.V and Music

Music and television have been around for years. It is as if they have always existed, or so it seems. Take a look at the limitless things that t.v. and music has to offer a person these days, there is so much that both of these things tell us. Without them, we would be lost in our lives and nobody wants that, t.v. and music is escapes for people to relax and not have to think of life or work which is what they are used for and that is why people like them so much.

What do you think music and television do to you?

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