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A Music Video Showcasing What the Liberal Arts and Far East Movement Have in Common

Updated on June 12, 2012
Award for Best Editing
Award for Best Editing | Source

The Beginning

This was our first serious attempt at entertainment. Our second attempt is, in my mind, the more successful project but nonetheless, we had a lot of fun making this music video! To me, nothing is more fun and fulfilling than working with a team to roll out a piece of entertainment that everyone appreciates! And with this, I feel that goal had been reached.

A little background...

My friend, Dinh, and I wrote out the storyboard one night covering every possible aspect we could think of, from analyzing a lyric to determine the best video to shoot for it, to discussing what themes we wanted to focus on. We were excited to walk around campus asking people to help out and although many of us had other things to do, we still managed to come together and jam this out within a week. If I remember correctly, the timing was impeccable because we had to crash the Spanish class you see at the beginning of the video and ask the teacher (Profesor Gregorek) if we could film. Then, as I mentioned before, everyone had classes and jobs to stay on top of, so we were lucky the clubbing scenes came together nicely. When I look at the quality of the video compared to our latest endeavor, I honestly feel embarrassed. But imagine if we had shot the whole thing in HD!

'twas a good night
'twas a good night | Source

Onward we go...

So, what do the liberal arts and Far East Movement have in common? The University of Dallas of course! In case it wasn't obvious, we focused on the ladies of UD. Having a GPA of 4.0 and finding the time to dance and have fun is what they do and we appreciate it! I won't spoil the ending but we felt it was the best way to wrap things up. Besides, it was funny! We hope to continue making more music videos, films, and shorts in the very near future and when we do, we will be asking for feedback! I hope you enjoyed it!

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For the 2010 University of Dallas RHA Music Video Contest

Directed by: Dinh Nguyen & Andrew Herzog

UD's not just about the Core, its about the ladies too!

Thanks to:
Everyone who helped out acting and being part of the cast, especially Professor Gregorik, Raj, Liz, Veronica, Brian, Nick, Miguel, Ricky, Gabriella, Elise, and the UD Dance Team! Thank you all!!

I do not own the song. It is copyrighted by UMG and Far East Movement. Download it on iTunes! Support Far East Movement by buying their new album, "Free Wired".


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