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What's the big fuss about twerking?

Updated on November 30, 2013


Twerking is a dance move that involves a person shaking their upper and lower hips in an up and down bouncing motion, causing them to shake and twist their hips in a sexual fashion. Twerking was first introduced into the hip-hop community in New Orleans. It made such an impact in the hip-hop community that a lot of hip-hop artist has recorded songs to twerk to. From there it expanded and could be seen in clubs, strip clubs, and at parties (you can’t step inside your favorite clubs without seeing someone twerking).

Now twerking can be seen all over the internet; some people have develop twerk teams, uploaded videos and became a hit on YouTube. On the other hand there are stories of parents punishing their children for uploading twerking videos. Some students have gotten suspended from school for twerking.

The Twerk Team

Twerk team started in Atlanta by two girls in 2005. They would perform a dance routine at High schools, college and parties. After a while the twerk team could be seen on YouTube and even featured in music videos. The founders of the original twerk team (Twerksum and Lady Luscious) has even made their way into the studio to record music of their own.

Just when you thought twerking was a dance that only women do, men have also got into the spirit of twerking. They even started an all men twerk team too!


Not every twerk team has the same fate as the original twerk team. Some kids who have decided to form their own twerk team have gotten into trouble with their parents or with their principle. There is a war going on with twerking; some people think it’s a way for girls to get guy’s attention in some perverted fashion. Some people may see it as another form of dancing, like belly dancing, or zumba. Everyone has his or her own opinion on twerking, but before you start making the assumption that twerking is some type of perverted, sex promoting dance girls use to attracted teenage boys, let’s dig deeper into what twerking is and how it has benefited those who love to twerk.

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What is twerking?

Even though twerking is mostly frown upon (especially in the African American community), people don’t realize that twerking ties in Sub-Saharan Africa. Now, for those who never even tried to twerk don't know how difficult twerking actually is. To able to twerk effectively you need to be able to manipulate your hips to create a facade of impossible moves. If you don’t have the muscle strength in your legs, you can end up having a muscle spasm (not to mention making a fool of yourself). Twerking would be consider to be a great lower body exercise. Most people starting out with twerking usually hold on to someone for balance as they twerk. People who know how to twerk can do it with no hands and can incorporate salsa and belly dancing in their routine. A lot of people who have been twerking for a while can tell you that they get a real workout from it. They also feel more confident; so for those think so negative on this topic I hope this gives you some clarity on what twerking is.


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