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What's Happened To Animal Planet?

Updated on April 4, 2011

What Happened To All The Animals?

I used to love Animal Planet, but these days I barely watch it. The channel seems to have changed and not for the better. Not only are some of the shows kind of ugly and weird, most of them are about humans and not animals.

When I first started watching they had this really nice show on in the morning called Sunrise Earth. I really liked it. It was such a gentle way to start the day with the peaceful footage of different places around the world waking up at sunrise. After awhile it disappeared.

Another interesting program was Meerkat Manor. It was almost like watching a soap opera, as you got to see the daily adventures of Flower and her family. After Flower and most of the other meerkats viewers grew to love died, the show just disappeared. I imagine they just stopped filming it.

There were other interesting animal shows about orangutans being released back in the wild trying to see if they could learn to survive on their own. The one about the lemurs. The one about the guy going around rescuing chimpanzees. Every time I turn on Animal Planet I never see shows like that. All the good animal shows just seem to have disappeared to replaced by shows featuring humans, instead.

Yesterday, I turned Animal Planet on since nothing else was on and saw a show about humans trying to turn themselves into animals. One guy was going around dressed in a wolf suit and another had plastic surgery to try and turn himself into a tiger. I've never seen anything like that in my life and I have no wish to ever, again.

Another show I just turn off whenever I have the bad luck to turn Animal Planet on when it airs is Monsters Inside Me. It's another human show about humans with some weird parasites inside of them making them sick. The show seems like it would be better on The Learning Channel before Oprah took it over or Discovery.

A month or so ago I heard Animal Planet promoting some show featuring Mike Tyson. In the promo it sounds like he's claiming he's done the violent things in his life because someone killed his pigeon when he was a kid. What's next? Michael Vick's Fight Club?

One show that I do like that seems to be still on the air is Me Or The Dog, but I can never find it. I sometimes run into reruns of it on Sunday mornings. It used to be on Saturday nights, but now Shorty and his pit bull rescue seem to have taken its place. I actually enjoy Shorty and his crew. It's nice to see pit bulls being portrayed in a better light.

Other shows I have no desire to watch is I'm Alive, about people surviving attacks by animals, Animal Hoarding and River Monsters. What happened to all the shows where the animals were the stars? What happened to all the nice animal shows? And why are a lot of these animal shows so ugly? What's happened to Animal Planet?


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    • profile image

      Jamie 3 years ago

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    • Melissa A Smith profile image

      Melissa A Smith 5 years ago from New York

      They are making shows for a younger (18-24) more male-oriented audience now, going for the more 'MTV-esque reality show' shtick. They are more concerned with being hip and exciting now. I turn it on and see animals getting hunted or some other depressing crap. I actually prefer Animal Planet even older than what you describe: Emergency Vets, A Pet Story, Backyard Habitat, K-9 to 5, ect. They really just made me feel good, but I guess I like under-stimulating TV sometimes. Sunrise Earth was wonderful. They have it commercial-free on Youtube.

    • profile image

      Ladylou 6 years ago

      I was devastated the other night watching a male lion being mauled by four other lions to take over his territory. I know they warned me about graphic images; but so what. I want my gentle shows back. I am not bored with them. Must be trying to attract a different type of audience - the horror show gouls. Please give me and the other peaceful souls a break. Can't seem to get that horrendous image out of my mind.

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 7 years ago from Miami, Florida

      I used to watch Animal Planet before they changed and Meerkat Manor was my favorite. From some articles that I have recently seen, Animal Planet may change back to what they were before.

      PS What's up with the comment from Peco4cash?

    • peco4cash profile image

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