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What's Her Name

Updated on August 11, 2010

What's Her Name


What's Her Name

by Chuck RitenouR (no date on this but bet it was written after 3-3-2K3)

Verse 1:

She took everything she wanted and walked on out the door.

after five years together I wonder what she was waiting for.

Since the day she left me, my life has surely changed

But every now and then I still think of what's her name.

verse 2:

got a post card from St. Louis, never dreamed she go that far

said she heard I traded my ole pickup truck in for a new sports car

eating out every evening sometimes seems a shame

I haven't ate a home cooked meal since I lost what's her name.

verse 3:

There's so much room in my closets I had to buy myself new clothes

and every night I get to watch my favorite TV shows

This ole house was gettin' lonely til I got a girlfriend half her age.

Yes, I've sure gone thru some changes since I lost what's her name.

the end.


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