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What's The Best Starter Electric Guitar And Amp Pack

Updated on May 2, 2015

When looking for the right guitar starter package we want the best quality for the best price. If you don't have much knowledge in guitars or play one it can be hard to find the right guitar for yourself or children. This usually results in many people buying the cheapest package there is. With many instruments, kids will pick them up get them frustrated and put them down and never touch them again. This also helps people not wanting to spend too much money. Buying a cheap starter guitar starter package can be the very reason why you or your child can pick the guitar up and put it straight back down again. With cheap starter guitars comes cheap quality. There are many aspects of a guitar that can make it great or a pig to play. Do not be fooled by flashy dazzling paint jobs. The quality comes from the craftsmanship.

 When it comes to instruments you really do get what you pay for. Their recognition comes from the quality of their products. Companies like Fender and Gibson have a solid reputation as they build solid, quality instruments and they have done since electric guitars really broke out in the 50's. Fender's most famous guitar is the Fender Stratocaster, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Richie Blackmore, all used Fender Stratocasters. Gibson's Most Famous guitar is the Les Paul, Used By Slash, Gary Moore,jimmy page and Pete Townsend was a bit partial to a Les Paul. Now these guys played these guitars long before they were endorsed by Fender Or Gibson.


 Fender And Gibson have many different models and many different specs in each of their ranges but when starting out their basic models are bit too pricey for a beginner. Fender and Gibson knew this, so rather than make a starter guitar under the Fender and Gibson brand they both have different brands that build guitars based on the originals. For Fender it's Squire and Gibson It's Epiphone.

Fender's Squire Starter Package is one of the best value for money starter packages you can buy. Fender Limit their Squire Range and purely use it for the starter guitarist in mind. Their quality and craftsmanship is still to Fender Standard but cheaper materials are used.

Gibson's Epiphone range isn't really a "Starter Guitar" Brand as such as some of their Epiphone guitars can fetch top money and their quality is exceptinal just like Gibson. Their Epiphone Range isn't as limited as Fenders Squire Range either you will find a Epiphone guitar for nearly every Gibson Guitar. If you looking to start with something that is going to have a better feel and easier to play straight out of the box then an Epiphone guitar is for you.


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    • Slave2No1 profile image

      Slave2No1 7 years ago from Oneida, NY

      You have some interesting suggestions, but left out a solid recommendation. For me, that would be a Squier (by Fender) Jagmaster & a Fender Mustang amp. Quality does cost and you don't get it going any cheaper new, unless you can get it near new, lightly used. The Mustang amp line is super for the $$. The Jagmaster is a 24" scale with 2 Humbuckers, great for any beginner. The point is, the 'test' for cheapness is along the sides of the neck; If you grip & slide your hand from nut to body with no burrs, fine... but if there's scratching or blood, don't buy it. Also, sight down the neck from either end & be sure the neck is straight. Weight, body size, shape & color, plus good electronics should all be factors to consider, but never buy any axe without a decent case. Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth, after 45+ years as a Pro Guitarist & Bassist in the Music Biz.