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100 Crazy Hubs in 30 days : Is Your Favourite Animation Movie of All Time The Lion King?

Updated on May 27, 2009

100 Crazy Hubs in 30 Days

The technology behind animation movies is so stunning they really give us an outstanding cinematic experience. At time is comes very close to taking your breath away. The movies are made for adults as well as children. Sometimes more so for adults with humour which adults may only pick up. My favourite animation movie Walt Disney's "The Lion King" I loved it because I saw the parallel of Mufasa offering his life for Simba with Jesus sacrficing his life for us so that we can live. It was also a rivetting movie with the fight of good versus evil; guess who triumps?. As with most of these movies they create outstanding catchy tunes and have some hillarious characters which adults seem to find much funnier than kids. In the Lion King one might remember the wisecracking Meercat, Timon or the hillarious warthog, Pumbaa. These characters give some great light moments to a movie that has its enthraling and dark side. So I was disappointed that Lion King 2 was released on DVD but not at the movies. My second favourite animation movies for me is Iceage. It was hillarious with the squirrel trying to get to the acorn and never managing to do so - often it was whisked away at the last minute; and the great woolly mammoth, sloth and a sabre-toothed tiger characters really enhanced the movie. The depiction of evolution was hillarious too. So when Iceage 2 came out I was delighted; it also was a great movie!

So what is your animation favourite movie? Please share with us what your favourite one is and why.


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