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What's on your Mind?

Updated on April 29, 2012

I really love that very question I always see anytime I log in to facebook. What’s on your mind?

The question really looks benign and so genial but the truth is that if many people really come out to say what is really on their mind, i.e. what’s really really on their minds…

Hhm, I’m afraid…

The world may suddenly grind to a halt!

But I am not bothered because I know ours is a world where pretense and acting is the order of the day, so that means the world ain’t gonna halt…at least soonest.

But think about it once again. What’s really on your mind? I mean right now? Nothing…? Or lots and lots of vanity, as usual…?

Believe me, I really want to know but l know that nothing on earth will ever make you to tell me the whole truth, I mean the real truth this time and not that sometimes mindless status update you normally do for your friends with less than 400 characters just for them to react unless…

I first tell you mine!

It’s as simple as that. It is called giving before the taking, in case you don’t know.

So let me start, the following are the top 5 things that are [always] on my mind but mind you, they are not in any particular order. In fact, their presence or absence on my mind usually depends mostly on my mood and the time of the day as the case might be…

They are…

Money. What’s else but money? How do I get rich quick…What’s better than money…? You’re dead without money…money, money, money. Money thoughts always circulating and lingering on my mind.

Mind you, this one does not depend on any mood or time of the day. It is always there!

I am always thinking about how to make big money, how I will be spending such money, what I am going to do for humanity if I had one million dollars and with whom I am going to splurge with…all day long.

Seriously speaking, if the law of attraction is only based on what you think about the most, believe me when I say to you that my name would have been a regular feature in that Forbes list of the richest guys on this planet but then…

Anyway I am not ashamed telling you this in any way because I believe I am not alone here. Many people are like that, many people including YOU, right…?

Fear. I am always harboring one form of fear or another in my mind and most time it is always has something to do with death or me dying. I am afraid the house I am inside might suddenly collapse and fall on me or even catch fire. I am afraid the vehicle I am in might suddenly run into some form of accident and might kill me in the process. I am afraid I might stop a stray bullet while walking on the street. I am always afraid so many people I luv so much might just die one day and leave me all alone…

But I know that I may not be the only one with this type of strange affliction? Tell me I am just being human, please…

There are many other things, besides death, I know that I am afraid of too. But the greatest of them all is the fear of “what will people say?”

Seriously speaking, that is my greatest fear

Strange as it might sound to you, I am also afraid of going to hell i.e. most especially after doing all these uncountable good work(?) on earth…


No. God forbid. I gotta make it to heaven! That is why before I do anything, I also first think about “what will Jesus do?”

Oh I almost forgot…Recently, I am beginning to develop a strange inexplicable fear for the year 2012, something to do with the illuminati finally taking over the whole world that particular year!

Unusual things. If you really know me, you will know that I like unusual things…almost to a fault.And the more bizarre the better! Perharps, that is why I like that site so much.

I am always having unusual imaginations on my mind.

When I watch the telly, I wonder what it would be like if the picture is upside down or if someone will have to bend his to some angle head to watch the tube. When I walk past a billboard with a picture of a very pretty model on it and I wink at the lady and lo and behold I see her wink back at me and there’s joy in my heart because I am satisfied!

When I walk into my room and turn on the light, I expect to see something like a very pretty mermaid waiting to give me a hot kiss or some ghost materialize from nowhere and offer me my own crock of gold before disappearing again. When I walk past a goat, I feel like the poor animal just grinned at me showing me some dirty brown teeth in the process and sometimes I feel like my neighbor’s dog just called me by my name and said something like “what’s up dude?”.Don’t be alarmed, it happened in the Bible, remember Balaam and that his awesome donkey, huh?

When I am talking to you, sometimes I wonder if you will suddenly shape-shift into a gigantic humanoid reptile…

Wanna see how much I love unusual things for yo’rself? Why don’t you take a peep on thewonderful things I wished people had or even check out the funny things that can happen in my church every Sunday.

Mischief. I love mischief a lot and I am always thinking of the next best mischief to spring to any of my unsuspecting victim/s.

Like springing April fool pranks. Like prefixing or post fixing some character/s onto someone’s name just to see how it looks and sounds…

For example, let’s try Osama bin Ladenosee?

I can also take it a lil bit far…

As in going to a friend’s house with a similar or universal TV or DVD remote controller to his and changing his channels at will or pressing pause or fast forward when he presses play or rewind…

And then seat back and watch his flabbergasted self as he starts complaining that his electronics has suddenly developed some faults.


Ok, you think it’s great, right…? Wait until I come into your house and exchange your sugar with salt…

I tell you nothing on earth is as satisfying as seeing that confusing and sometimes amazing look on someone’s face when my harmless booby trap explodes…boom!

In fact, if I have the power, I might just dedicate the rest of my wonderful life to creating and causing mischief like that stupid-looking and yet clever Mr. Bean which the world will always remember and enjoy!

Sex and women. I know what you thinkin'! Oh you thought I will forget that or I wouldn’t just say it? No way, I won’t let it pass by! These type of thoughts always come and go like a flip-flop on my innocent mind.

And the growing number of pretty damsels I see everywhere these days is not helping matter in any way at all. I find myself always imagining wetty things, always conjuring different styles & positions and always wondering what it would be like if…

I can hear all my birds-of-the-same-feather friends in this world telling me to take heart that it is part of being a man…

But I don’t think they will ever completely understand. Sometimes the temptation to touch becomes so strong that I just wish someone…i.e. some warm, kind, understanding and a cheerful giver Calypso of a nymph, will always materialize from Ogygia and come and take this cup away from ME…anytime it is full!

You get the photo?

Of course, I know you would, U bad guy!

OK, there you have it…

Mind you, there are so many more unprintable but fun things I have on my mind but too bad, I can only tell you those ones in person, in case you are interested.

I have said mine…ok I know, some of mine actually. Now it’s your turn.

What about you? What’s on your mind? I mean, what's always on your mind?


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    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 6 years ago from Nigeria

      I am so glad you like it but I will even be more glad if you tell me what's on your mind!

    • Ask KayB profile image

      Ask KayB 6 years ago

      whats on your mind!!! This is an weird but interesting hub...but indeed I like it.