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When Being Bad Feels Good

Updated on September 7, 2009

Taking Risks Could Make Life Better

Have you ever watched a movie and idolized the person doing wrong and causing all the trouble,or the bad girl in your school days who didn't care what anyone thought of her? Sometimes we all have this fantasy of just doing something a little over the edge but most are just too afraid or shut off to go with it. I believe most people are just stuck in a shell,they are afraid to take risks,speak their minds,or just be different. You don't have to go out and kill someone but you should allow yourself to be free in a legal way.

Get a little on the wild side,my favorite movie used to be "Poison Ivy" I idolized all the stars characters especially Ivy. She was sort of crazy but if you didn't see through the act she just became the cool,sexy girl that every man fantasized about and every female wanted to hang out with. Unlike the girls of today in those "Girls Gone Wild" videos being wild was not all about showing some skin back in the day,it was the attitude that made the person.

Do you believe that if you think of yourself in a certain way that you can become that way? In fact there was a story of a teen who's parents told her she was useless,that she wouldn't become anything but another prostitute on the streets, that's exactly where she is because she had basically been shaped to think of herself like that. Its okay to get a little on the wild side from time to time,life has its problems but its a life that everyone has to live and enjoy for themselves. 

Nobody wants to be a lame for the rest of their lives,not being able to do something you felt impossible or just felt wasn't in you. If you are a bored housewife its your fault because you choose to be. If you are a nerdy school teacher its because you choose to be. If you feel you cant be one of the popular girls its because you have low self esteem. Come out of your shell because I bet when you do and others realize you're doing it your life will become better than its ever been. Dye your hair,go shopping,party,as long as you're not committing any crimes its definitely alright.

If you are a teen and feeling trapped in a box,you can change this. You want to be able to have stories to laugh about and share with your kids in the future. Its okay to make mistakes,its even okay to think of yourself as more than you actually are. Stop wasting away envy on others when you can have that on yourself. The risk takers are always the most successful in life because they know what they want and arent afraid to stake their claim,so its obvious that risk takers want to socialize with other risk takers. Just know that you are your own person and how far to go.

Have you ever even taken risks? What did you do? I took a risk a while back in high school, it was sort of a lame idea but worth doing. Me and some friends snuck out of school during lunch hour because we didn't want what the cafeteria had to offer,we went to the local subway,then we returned to school but nobody even noticed we were missing. That was one of only so many things that I had done, If you don't want to share anything recent just share something from the past but we'd all love to hear some great stories.


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