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When Infomercials Become Talk Shows

Updated on June 8, 2010

Beware, infomercials are invading our regular TV Shows.

One thing that I have noticed over the past couple of years during the US recession is the huge influx of infomercial products and the giant leap forward they have taken into the main stream media. With the decline in ad dollars from the decline in sales because of the recession, tv ad space may have become much cheaper to buy which is why we had begun to see more and more infomercial styled products being placed in front of us each day. (At least that is my personal opinion).

With the giant increase in infomercial ads the products have taken on a life of their own. Air Canada runs an ad for a car I think it is a Land Rover ad that starts with a fake infomercial product that helps you not spill your snacks while you sit. Then you start to hear a screen getting smashed interrupting the infomercial and you see the vehicle sitting in the woods and it is very calming and relaxing.

If commercials spoofing infomercial products isn't enough to show the impact that the As Seen On TV styled products have had on the USA and other countries and how they have infiltrated our lives and regular TV programming, then we should look at the past couple years.

The Snuggie not only got reviews by almost every news station as a craze that completely took us all by storm and even got to make an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show with the CEO of the company that owns the rights to this hit As Seen On TV Product. Another one of my favorite recent As Seen On TV products was the 3 Minute Legs machine that got to make an appearance on the Ellen Show with the Shake Weight infomercial product.

Not only have these products found their ways into our homes through traditional late night advertisements, but with the growing popularity of the As Seen On TV product craze they have also not only become household names but gotten even more exposure with these top talk show hosts and news organizations jumping onto the infomercial product craze. We've all fallen for their sales pitches and unbeatable deals and offers and I'm sure we'll all continue to see more and more products coming out soon that not only help us to solve problems we didn't know we had, but also pull us in with their fun music, great deals and even better limited time offers.


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    • profile image

      RollerbladerDC 7 years ago

      Ok I love your response, "But wait! There's More" so I thought I would double the response for you to make it even sweeter. lol.

      Thanks for reading and responding. I agree, sometimes small bits of government regulation can be a good thing but most of the time it scares me. I don't mind the ads at all, as long as they are targeted to me, but when I am being pitched a million products that have zero relevance, that is where it gets annoying.

      I can appreciate a great ad and will give credit when they can pull me in, but sometimes it is kind of ridiculous lol.

      Thank you again for reading.

    • RGNestle profile image

      RGNestle 7 years ago from Seattle

      Well, there has always been product placement, but since the deregulation of the cable industry and the restraints on how many minutes of commercials they were allowed to show in an hour, the commercial has taken on a new life.

      Entire networks exist solely to sell things. Something that would never have been allowed before deregulation.

      With Ronco and their ilk, we have come to be a society bombarded with more advertising than ever. Even the little show promos that appear in the corner of your favorite show are products of deregulation.

      Sometimes a little government interference is good. (But not too often.)

      But wait! There's more...

      No. There isn't. Nice Hub! Thanks for writing!