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When Snow Sends You Running For Cover

Updated on December 10, 2015
Snow Forts might protect you!
Snow Forts might protect you! | Source

Most of us have experienced snow, but have you ever witnessed these crazy situations where snow sends you running for cover?!

And I don't only mean those inhuman blizzards and near-death experienced avalanches. Look at the other guys trying to run in the videos and funny pictures below.

Avalanche in the Himalaya

The Classic - Avalanches

Avalanches are massive amounts of snow, ice, and rocks that fall rapidly down a mountainside. Avalanches are pretty much snow that was unable to stick together any longer. Small shocks and quakes can be the final straw for a snow weakness. Like building a snowman the snow gathers more snow until the happy snowman part rolls over houses and everything else in its way! Snow wave!

The Sneaky - Snow romance

Did you think of snow as being all romantic and glorious for a date finish-up kiss? Well, this couple had better started running on time!

The Snow Beast
The Snow Beast | Source

The Wild - When nature is faster than you

Imagine yourself standing in front of a huge pile of snow ready to be molded by you into a ginormous snow fort! But future snow fort, why are your eyes so big? And why are your teeth not white? Wait. A snow fort with teeth?!

The Overnighter - You didn't see this coming!

No, I am not talking about the commonly known overnighter aka spending the whole night awake for the purpose of either studying or drinking (or both!). More examples in your head. This video should wake you up from your slumber and make you prepare for the You-didn't-see-that-coming overnighter! Time lapse here we go.

I bet you wanna buy a snow shovel now!

The WRONG TaL - Time and Location matter!

I bet you can sing me a snow song about this snowy bastard. Being in the wrong location at the wrong time has often in life caused serious trouble and potentially huge embarrassment. This poor guy managed to run and seek cover ... in the snow.

What did I tell you? Snow is soft and cozy and all, but you better not turn your back!

Have you ever had to run from snow and seek cover?

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Now, go and be merry. After all snow IS cool!!


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