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When you can't drag yourself away

Updated on November 7, 2009

Computer Mind Control

Computers Keep You
Computers Keep You

There's this strange thing that happens when you sit down at a computer. Your soul fuses with the computer screen. Your fingers manage themselves. Your eyes bore into the internet. It happens to some people who are not careful when they sit down in front of the computer. Endless wikipedia pages, stumbles, youtube videos, comic strips, news reports. All simply navigated to. It does happen to me quite often. When you stumble upon a goldmine of entertainment, your mind engulfs itself into the internet and the day slips away. I took a look outside, just now, and noticed the sun is setting, lighting the trees in orange. I meant to go outside, I meant to do my laundry, I meant to check the mail. All of these things were lost, amidst my captivation with a newfound friend of mine. The videos at

This is one of those sites that give me a craving for acting. To create something so rich and hysterical. I would just Love to be a part of. So I say unto you, for those wanting to make some hilarious videos. Let us band together! I live in Tampa Florida. Who will help me?! :D


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