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When You Live By Faith You Are Rich

Updated on March 23, 2018


Having wealth can provide a person with power, education and more. It just makes things easier. The benefits a wealthy person has is basically unlimited. You can have that dream house, dream car, and that dream man/woman. It’s not denying that it attracts. Life as a rich person varies. They must develop habits to stay on top. For Example, if rapper Master P did not develop habits he will not be one of the wealthiest men today. Same goes with other rappers, movie stars and singers. They did what they had to do for their lives and their children lives to be stable. These moguls made sure their families wanted for nothing but some kids that grew up rich have regrets that they ever did. They grew up unhappy, unloved, and just were not happy with themselves. Some just grew up brats. Getting their way by any means necessary. They all got used to a certain level of comfort and when they got older they experienced discomfort and did not know what to do. Some took their own lives. Some wasted it. The reason is because they lived by money and not faith. With faith you experience hardship but you must learn how to handle it. You must have realized that money is not the answer, you must realize that your ability is for good and that you need a support system. Three top grossing movie series make this very clear. Those movie series are Bad Boys (1995, 2003), The Dark Night (2008,2012) and AVENGERS (2012, 2015).

Bad Boys

This franchise starred the wealthy born Will Smith as Mike Lowry and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnette. Mike Lowry is the standout one here. He was born rich and raised that way. He wanted for nothing but joined the police force and seen that he needed a partner. When you do not live by faith you think you do not need help. That’s one of the major signs. The good thing here is the fact that he knew what to expect. Policemen have partners. They don’t work alone. He seems to have handled it well. Lowry and Marcus were surely a great duo. There were times in the film when Marcus would remind Lowry that he is a spoiled rich kid. In Movie one the two take down a wealthy drug dealer. Before it all, he steals $100 million dollars from a secure police vault. Doing anything just to live the lifestyle he always lived because he had no faith. In movie two the duo takes down another with a similar issue. When you have no faith, you settle for anything.

The Dark Night

The Dark Knight movies both star Christian Bale as Batman. The first has the Late Heath Ledger as the Joker and in the second it stars Tom Hardy as Bain. If anyone knows of batman they know he was never poor growing up. He just witnessed his parents killed and decided to use his wealth to fight crime. Just as he never grew up the Joker did not either but the Joker did not want to use his wealth the same way. He loved it the way it is. He could not live life any other way and did what he did so it can stay that way.Bane was raised very fortunate and trained by the best but he too did not want to use his training to help the batman. The reason why it was called the dark night rises is because he rose from a hole to come back and defeat Bane. The batman did not use what he knew but what he didnt not know to get out and defeat bane. Faith will teach you things you do not know about yourself.


Avengers is surely a favorite. Thor played by Chris Hemsworth was born into royalty and Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr was as well but their solo movies proved that they cannot do this alone. Their personal wealthy status is not going to save this world. So, they got a group of comic book friends to join them to help them defeat the mighty but jealous Lokey. Lokey is brother of thor. During thor solo movie lo key made it clear that he wanted to take the throne that was passed down to Thor. Lokey put together an army and attacked New York City and the avengers ended his rage. In the second film they teamed up to defeat a more powerful foe named Ultron. When you obtain faith, you realize that you cannot do it alone. You need a support system and the avengers provided that.


The message of faith has been described by many mega superstars but a lot of it goes unknown. For Example, the rev billy ghram that passed away. He was a rich televangelist but lived in his childhood home. When you live by faith you are humble. You are content. Lastly, you are rich. Rich in favor. When you do not live by faith you scramble. God is not in control of your life because you are not living by what pleases him. It’s just that simple. These box office hits may not push the message of faith but faith daily livers can see it. They are used because they each contain qualities anyone living by faith need. In Bad Boys he had to see that a wealthy come up does not make things easier like many rich kids that are now adults explain. In the dark night he had to realize that the riches he obtained should be put to good use. He fought crime and captured the bad guys. In Avengers they had to understand that a support system is needed in battle. Just because one has faith in themselves does not mean they do not need help. Thing that’s impressive about this movie is the fact that they all came and none of them called one another. It was just in them to be heroes. That is what faith does. It is always operating inside of you. It’s your choice to live by it or not. When you live by faith what you do not have doesnt matter.

Did you see the message of faith in these movies?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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