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Where Do You Find Guitar Tabs?

Updated on January 26, 2011


Being a guitar player for several years, I have had many accounts of visiting tablature websites. Some offering more than others, others lacking greatly in variety. None the less, below are several examples of where to find guitar tabs.

Ultimate-Guitar. has to be my most favorable tablature site. It is very simplistic referring to searching and finding the tabs you are seeking. Also, they seem to have the widest array of quality tabs compared to any other website I have visited. U.G. is also the only tablature site I have found to incorporate more than just tabs. They cover multiple categories such as current music news, music reviews, and many interviews with artists, and more. Included as well are various videos and tips on guitar lessons.

911 Tabs. is another large website. There are many tabs, however, this site lacks in having part of anything community based (ex. multiple categories covered by ultimate guitar). It does however, have tabs for a larger array of instruments including the bass, drum, and the piano (not that it's relevant). This site seems to contain many tabs found on ultimate guitar; however, quality of tabs may differ.

Who Else?,, and are other sources for online tabs. None of these sites are involved with anything community based, nor have quite the quality selection of the other two. is a newer site i stumbled upon while doing this hub. They are unfortunately small in selection, however, are striving to grow. They are strictly a guitar pro site. They also have direct links to amazon for tablature books. Along with these few examples, there are still other sites to view tabs. Explore for yourself if the previously mentioned don't provide what you're looking for.


All in all, Ultimate Guitar would be my site of choice. It has the most to offer, having mostly to do with guitars and guitar players. One thing I didn't mention, most sites will separate guitar tabs into 3 file groups. 1.) guitar tab; which is your basic, Microsoft Word created tab, viewable to anyone. 2.) power tab and 3.) guitar pro. Power Tab and Guitar Pro are files that are written on a well based music program, viewable to only those that have access to it (Mentioned Below). It is also important to remember that tabs on these sites are created by individuals providing their best efforts to re-write a tab. Any actual (artist created) form of tablature on these sites is considered copyright.

Guitar Pro.

To view Guitar Pro tabs and/or Power Tabs, you will need to become accustomed to Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro is a program that allows you to open and view said files. Along with visual, Guitar Pro will playback the tabs as written on the music sheet. You can download current versions of Guitar Pro at for $59.95. You may also start by downloading the free trial version. I could get very in-depth with Guitar Pro, but perhaps It's best saved for a separate hub. There is a link to amazon below where you can also purchase Guitar Pro. (It's usually a little cheaper there).

Click on image to enlarge.
Click on image to enlarge.


As I said, Guitar Pro does come with a free trial. However, the free trial seems to run out exceedingly quick and you are now faced with the choice to purchase the full version. Keep in mind the full version costs $59.95, which isn't cheap. Granted the programs functions and capabilities are well worth the money; why not investigate a cheaper, or perhaps free alternative? Below are a few free alternatives to Guitar Pro.

There are other programs available out there; however, I only listed ones I have had experience with. Tuxguitar and KGuitar have satisfied my every need in terms of a tablature program. PowerTab is still a great program, however, incomparible to the anterior two.

Other Sources.

Aside from internet tablature sites, you may have to resort to purchasing a tab book. Many websites such as or many direct music store websites will offer a great variety of guitar tablature books.


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    • stratocarter profile image

      stratocarter 6 years ago

      TuxGuitar is great!