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Where Is The New Music 2013

Updated on March 1, 2013

Where Is The New Music 2013

Where Is The New Music 2013
Where Is The New Music 2013 | Source

Where Is the New Music 2013

Where Is The New Music 2013

Where is the new music on the radio station across the nation? I like alternative and rock music. There is really no new artists' that represent this area of music.Pro Tools , a recording software for about a thousand dollars , can turn your house into a recording studio basically. With the advent of digital music instead of taped music , the recording studios that were once very popular with the stars are closed. You can use Pro Tools and a few thousand dollars and have your own home studio that would sound even better than commercially processed. I should know, as a musician, and recording artist at home. I am able to cut tracks without the high cost of studio time. This is not only convenient for me and my friends to use , it is cost effective. I can have my work then mixed over the internet with other friends of mine by trading files. It is really quite effective for an artist to be in California and one in Japan to work on the same project without having to fly there. Exciting , cost effective, yet missing production value without a manager and agent, you are just a number of thousands of people trying to make money in this industry. This has not changed.

I listen to satellite radio anyway. The reason is I can't stand local radio and the commercials, so I had to progress to this medium for my musical pleasure. The funny thing is I am almost fifty years old and I hear the same music I grew up with at 16 years old. There really is only a handful of new groups in rock and alternative music that are brand new. I have found that several of the artist that I use to listen to will get together with another band that may be new and start a band out of this . I believe though every other song on the radio, is from 30 years back though. It is amazing, there needs to be a new radio station called MP3 only artist.

I say MP3 audio station because of all the new artist that are out there in internet land. There is so many websites that carry new MP3 music that is just waiting to break through, and there is this wall that will not let them come out. It is like one band will seep out of the pack and make it large in the business and then you have a thousand others pushing the same switch trying to get their music heard. Yes, you can find them out in clubs, and most of these new bands are really excellent in composition and work. The problem is they are not spending money on agents or the industry is not letting them come out. There is a wall of some sort that needs to be broken down , so this new music can come through and be heard.

If you type MP3 music in your browser, you will notice all the sites you have to chose from. I have to say in reality would you buy from any of these bands. Maybe so, if you could sit down and play them for hours on end to decide who you want to spend your hard earned money on. That is the issue , no promotion except for possibly the website they are selling their work on. The radio stations will not go there and just pick out anyone. There is a channel on satellite radio, that will pull songs off a website and let you listen and they comment on the different bands that have not made it. They are quite good and this show is about the only way these people are going to get out over the airwaves. I run a couple of celebrity websites and I do know that these bands will not be on it. They are not popular enough to make it to celebrity status and that really is sorry.

Hopefully, their will be a platform that music on the radio can be played by these no name bands and listen to and enjoyed by us all. Until then we will stay use to the 30 year old music and the guys that make it that are in their 60s to 80s in age; Its amusing to me, yet some of these guys like Roger Waters , and his tours are amazing for a fellow in his 70s to be rocking , "The Wall" in its entire venue night after night. The show is a four hour show and this guy is out there every other night and traveling . Rock and roll just never dies and that is ok with this author. I would just like to see some of these new bands make their headway into the limelight of the normal bands that I have grown up with. I am still growing up with them , which is the unusual part. I saw this kid about 10 years old in a black outfit, that said AC/DC Rocks. I said," Do you really like this band?" He replied," They rock man, Back In Black is cool." So times don't change in some fashions of the world in music.


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and I vote up,across and share.

      Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend.

      I now look forward to many more by you.