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Magic Shops...Where and How To Buy Professional Magic Tricks Locally and On-line

Updated on February 22, 2012

How you can locate the professional magic shop nearest you, and how to find a reputable on-line dealer if there isn’t one.

Most budding magicians are inspired by a gift magic set or how-to magic book, but when they have mastered all the tricks…and their audiences are beginning to weary of seeing them, it is time to seek out a source of new, perhaps more professional, magic.

There are basically two places to buy magic a real brick and morter magic shop...or from one of the many on-line magic dealers or the on-line magic offerings on eBay and Amazon.

A real brick and mortar magic shop
A real brick and mortar magic shop

Advantages of A Real Brick and Mortar Magic Shop.

Buying magic from a real brick and mortar magic shop provides several important advantages, the most important being that the owner or salesman is usually a magician themselves. You can see the trick and have it demonstrated for you, and the sales person will tell you if the trick is too difficult for your level of magic expertise. Additionally, most dealers will briefly show you how the trick should be performed, if asked.

Another advantage of the real magic shop is that magicians usually hang out there…both professionals and amateurs…and they will often perform for each other and discuss their best methods.

One downside is the possibility that some of the smaller shops may have limited inventory. However most will order what you want from the manufacturer…usually taking less than a week to arrive.

Magic shops are located in or near most larger cities. Check out the Magic Dealers Association for a partial listing of shops , but also check your local yellow pages…there are many more dealers than listed on this website:

Buying Magic From On-line Dealers.

There are many more on-line magic dealers than local brick and mortar magic shops. These include many independent dealers who have their own websites, and those who sell their tricks on eBay and Amazon (both offer perhaps thousands of items ranging from several dollars to hundreds of dollars under the search heading “magic tricks”.

The main advantage of online dealers is the huge inventory and variety of items available by searching both the independent websites and eBay/Amazon…if there is a trick you want, you will most probably find it on the web. Also, most on-line dealers do not have the expenses of a real brick and mortar shops and can offer discounted prices.

Be sure to check feedback ratings and Shipping Costs.

However, there are a number of significant drawbacks with on-line buying. You don’t get to see the merchandise before you buy…but more important you don’t get the personal demonstration and advice of a magician/shop owner as to whether the trick is best for your current talent level. You will receive the trick via the mail along with written or digital instructions…and it is up to you to make it work. Also, even with a discount, the cost of shipping may bring the price equal to or higher than purchasing the same item at a local magic shop.

If you buy on-line, be sure to use a service like PayPal so you will be able to get a refund in the event of problems. Also, be sure to check the feedback and other ratings on eBay and Amazon that indicate the quality of service. Free Shipping is another thing to look for when selecting an on-line magic dealer. The website shown below is a dealer who provides Free Shipping for every item it sells.

Egyptian Hall Mysteries is an on-line magic dealer providing both the low prices and  Free Shipping on every item it sells.
Egyptian Hall Mysteries is an on-line magic dealer providing both the low prices and Free Shipping on every item it sells. | Source

Best Place to Find On-Line Magic Shops.

One of the best listing of magic shops is where by clicking on the box at the top right you can see a listing of 500+ on-line and local dealers.

Magic Sets & Tricks

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase
Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

Calling all junior houdinis! Get set to wow your audiences and amaze even yourself when you perform incredible magic tricks. Packed in this suitcase is 100 tricks that will get you started on your way to becoming a one-man show. The set includes a magic hat, magician's table, plus an easy to follow how to perform all of the magic tricks as well as written instructions. Also included are famous tricks like the cups and balls, disappearing dice, special magician's magic deck, magic drawer trick and many more.



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