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Where are the Beast's Parents from Beauty and the Beast

Updated on March 22, 2017
Beauty and the Beast.
Beauty and the Beast. | Source

Where are they?

I think the parents are just so rich that they throw money at each of their children. His parents didn't like children. But, they like adults.

The child is put into care of someone unit he reaches the age of an adult.


The Beast might be the product of King being married to the first wife.

The prince a child with the first wife who dies in child birth.

The mother dies. The father decides to marry, again. But, the new mother wants a child of her own.

The prince is pushed aside in order to make the new woman in his father's life happy.


In Cinderella, the stepmother wants the children to have everything. She does not care about Cinderella.

- Cinderella becomes a servant.

- In some stories about Cinderella the father is still alive. Cinderella has to deal with the new family. The father lets the new family treat his daughter like crap.

Cinderella is pushed aside to make room for the new family.

In Snow White, the stepmother tries to kill Snow White.

- There are version where the father is still alive. The stepmother still does not like the girl.

Snow White is not wanted. If not for the mirror, she would have been pushed aside or married off as soon as the girl reached an adult enough age.

In Sleeping Beauty, the family lets fairy creatures bless the child. The parents should have said no to every fairy and had them stand back. This way all the fairies could have been invited.

- This is scary and could lead to the death of any child. They are lucky that the not so nice fairy let the child live for 16 years. The fairy could have killed the child.

- The death of a fairy might lead to the forest dying. Or, it might have lead to drought or crop failure. Who knows what the evil fairy did for the area.

The child is loved. But, the parents are using their power to show that this child is better than everyone else.

If the mother of the child died ... the new mother would not want the old child. (This is typical what happens in these types of stories.)


The father of the Beast is still alive. But, he will not accept any more fairy help because of what happened to his son.

The child is left to wait out the curse.


The father is still paying the bills for the food at the castle.

I don't know about the lighting. The chandeliers might be people.

Someone could easy write a letter to the king telling him that the annual allowance has been sent.


The father might be looking for some other cure. His new wife scared this might happen to her own child searches, too.

They find no cure. So, they wait out the curse. But they are still ashamed to be near a beast.

Where are the parents?

The mom might be dead. The father with his new family is somewhere else.

They all live somewhere else in another castle.

Does the Beast know where his father lives?

I think so as there must be a paper trail leading back to the father given the annual food alliances.


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