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Where to find free photos for your hubs?

Updated on November 22, 2013
Death Valley( free stock photo)
Death Valley( free stock photo) | Source

Why not Google Images?

That's the question I asked myself many times when people advised me to use other sources. Google images was easy, effective and had a large variety to select from. I could just go to, search for the topic that I was writing about then copy the URL of the image that most suited me. Not anymore.

Hubpage is a very good platform to write online articles to get paid from. We earn more visibility and money as the traffic to our hub increases. Picture play an important part in hubpages to get more audiences.

Many good people here in advised me not to use Google images because.....

  • Many images that Google brings up are copyright protected and can cause legal problems to us. Read this story about similar case.
  • Google images can bring up low resolution images as it isn't exactly showing up from its own site.

So I recommend you use site that provide you with royalty-free images for free and use them on your hub.

A free image may not have as good quality as a paid image.
A free image may not have as good quality as a paid image.

What are royalty free images?

When I first heard this term-- "Royalty free Images", I thought they were completely free images that you could use however you wanted. Boy, I was wrong!

Royalty free images are the pics which you once buy or get and you don't have to pay for every time you use them.

Yes, royalty free doesn't mean that it should be free. Even pictures that costs can be royalty free images.

So here I won't talk about "royalty free images", but "free royalty free images." Let's name it "free stock photos".

Cons of free Stock Images

  • Not easy to find and download as Google Images.
  • Not much variety and choices of images.
  • Much website links in the images.
  • Watermarked images are frequent.
  • High resolution images are rare.

Pros of free stock images.

  • Of course, it's free!
  • No difficulties in legal and license problems.
  • Your hub will not be underrated and critiqued for stolen images.

Tips and warnings

Of course, you will go and visit these sites if you like, but a few tips ahead of them:

  • Choose photos without attribution of website as many of website tend to put huge link to their website in photo.
  • Choose sites with good resolution and quality.
  • When using these photos, it is better if you point the source.


  • Most of photos are only for online use, don't print them.
  • Don't sell or try to sell them.
  • Read Terms of Use first.
  • Don't use all photos of Flickr.

Your choice

What do you use for images for your hub?

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© 2013 Abla Hulla


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    • profile image

      Ankap 4 years ago

      another one site for free photos

    • Clinton1998 profile image

      Abla Hulla 4 years ago from China

      Thanks Archbob

    • Archbob profile image

      Archbob 4 years ago


      Please add your list, especially good for landscape photos. All public domain

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 4 years ago from Georgia

      Very informative. I'll have to try some of those sites.