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Download stock free pictures to use on your blogs and websites

Updated on March 14, 2015

Photo projects

Book on special landscape projects that will make you a better photographer.

Pictures You Can Use for Free

Finding free photos that you can use online for your blogs and websites can be tough. If you write for online blogs or websites, you need good photos to use on the site to make your site look better. One of the most difficult things is to find good relevant photos that you can use free, without copywrite infrigement. It's not legal to just grab any photos that you see online and use them on your website or blog without the permission of the owner of the photo.

Even though there are millions of photos online, most of them are not free to use wherever you want. Most photos online require permission to use. What you need is access to good free photos that you can use for whatever you need photos for online, with little of no hassle on your part. The sites listed below will give you access to lots of good photos to use where you need them.

Photo from Google search
Photo from Google search | Source

Creative Commons

A good quick way to find free photos is use a Google search for the subject you are looking for. When the search comes up, click on images in the upper left corner of the screen. Under the search bar, click on advanced search. Go to the bottom of the box and click the dropdown box and pick, labeled for commercial reuse, then click on the search button. When the photos come up on the screen, find one you want to use and click on the photo, go to the site and check the license agreement, look for creative commons and read the use agreement, if your use fits, just link or give credit the way it says, and you have a good free shot to use where you need it.


Morgue file

The next way to find a great photo is to go on and find a photo you like. The photos here totally free and require no link back or credit at all. They are free to use however you want. The only downside with this site is the photos are full size, you will need to make them smaller to use on most websites.


Image after

The next site is  This site is full of free to use photos as well, with no strings or no links required back to site.


Free pixels

Free Pixels in another site with images that you can use for free.


Public Domain Photos

The last site on my list is Public domain photos. Good selection of free photos also.

Internet Photos for Free

Check out these sites to get lots of good free photos to use for your articles and websites. Make sure you always check the License agreement for any photo that you use. Most of the photos on these sites are free to use for most things you need photos for. Check them out and have fun.

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    • profile image

      savannahkim 6 years ago

      I've found a great place to get free stock photography, It's I used some of its photos on my blog. Check out their collection of images and photos. :)