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Where to Find Royalty Free Music

Updated on February 21, 2015

Run a podcast that just needs that one jingle to make it instantly recognizable?
Have a youtube channel that desperately needs some background music to complement your gameplay footage? Or maybe you are an independent game developer or film maker and you just lack the funds to hire a professional composer for the epic soundtrack. If this is you, fear not, there is still hope!

We all agree that without music our projects seem to lack that extra bit of quality in order to really be able to present a finished product. No problem, there’s no shortage of music out there so adding a song to your project shouldn’t be too hard right?

Look familiar?
Look familiar? | Source

What is Royalty Free Music and why use it?

Well… here’s the catch. While there certainly is plenty of music to go around, most, if not all audio available today is copyrighted. In other words, you are not allowed to use it unless you don’t mind getting a copyright notice or two once in a while and having to take down your top rated youtube video or even worse, get sued! That’s where royalty free music comes in.

It is not “free” in the sense that it won’t cost you any money (there are some free licenses out there though), it simply means that for a small one time fee, you will be able to buy a license and use it legally without having to pay for royalties or asking for permission from copyright holders and never have to worry about copyright infringement ever again.

Where to Get Royalty Free Music? – My Recommendation

There are a number of websites you can get royalty free music from, and if you're really strapped for cash, there are some sites that allow you to download royalty free music for free (yes, the zero dollar type of "free") Check out my list of free royalty free music websites below.

However, you will have to take into account the fact that these sites may only have a limited amount of music in their libraries and lesser quality control. Also, most of them will come with restricted usage terms. For example, having to attribute the author, allowance only for non-commercial purposes, only being able to use a shortened version of the track etc.

I personally prefer using premium audio marketplaces, so I can easily find just what I'm looking for without being restricted. Most of these websites are visited regularly by professionals in the entertainment and corporate industry. My favourite is AudioJungle as they have strict quality control and cheap prices compared to their premium peers.

They already have a ton of tracks and sound effects in their ever expanding library and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy music for videos and other media.

Licensing options

Generally, premium royalty free music or stock audio outlets offer one of two types of licenses. A regular standard license (non-commercial) or a pricier extended (commercial) license which may be used for commercial purposes. So, are you selling any products containing the audio or do you just need it for say a powerpoint presentation or slideshow? Either way be sure to read the license agreements and consider which category you fall into before making a purchase. License agreements differ from one website to another. So better be safe than sorry, especially in the copyright world.

Enough reading, now get out there and find some great music!

List of Royalty Free Music Websites

Premium Royalty Free Music

Free Royalty Free Music

Find More Free Royalty Free Music for Your Youtube Videos

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