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Where to look for a great laugh :)

Updated on July 6, 2012

If you enjoy humor of all sorts, here are the sites for you!

These sites have pictures that will make you laugh so hard you will never have a bad day!

Break and Cracked are two websites that have humorous videos, while Funny Mama and Banned In Hollywood have many very funny pictures from around the world.

When you find that special picture or pictures that make you bust up laughing, save it as a wallpaper on you phone.

Humor is the medicine that cures the world!

The sites below are very easy to navigate through. I am personally new to Break, but I am trying to use it right now, I have high hopes of how this turns out. Everyone claims is a cool site.

The links I was trying to use for this article are not going very well, so I am going to have to tell you all of the sites... Well, let's just go with a couple.

Best Funny Stories

Best Funny Stories is a website where people post humorous stories of all sorts to share with the world. They are categorized and dated, but most of all they are for older or mature audiences.

18,000 Cool Jokes App for IPhone and IPod Touch
18,000 Cool Jokes App for IPhone and IPod Touch | Source

18,000 Cool Jokes App for IPhone and IPod Touch

This is probably one of the best apps to own for funny jokes. I have read almost all of them, but the great thing about this app is that they update, and add new jokes all the time.

The jokes are already placed in categories, they have a button where you can save the jokes to a favorites file, and the app is completely free.

There is a category where the material is only suitable to people ages 17 and older, so when downloading the app it will ask you whether or not you are the proper age. No hassle and no putting in personal info! Hooray.

Hopefully you enjoy!

LOL PICS- IPhone&PPod Touch App
LOL PICS- IPhone&PPod Touch App | Source

The LOL Pics App for IPhone and IPod Touch

This app full of pictures for people with different aspects of humor. Some photos will have you crying with laughter, and others will brighten your day.


I hope you enjoyed and got a laugh or two! :)

WARNING: Some content extended to other websites are not suitable for all ages. I cannot control that, sorry. Thank you for understanding.


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    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 5 years ago from Aurora

      Nice hub. Try the link tool and it prompts.