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Which Disney Prince are You?

Updated on June 1, 2017
Disney princes
Disney princes

Disney History

Spoilers ahead for several Disney movies.

Ever since Snow White, Disney movies have been enchanting us with colorful and dramatic tales. Generations ago, the princess always took the leading role. Nowadays, we often have both a male and a female main character, who almost always fall in love (sorry, Quasimodo, you didn't get a girlfriend until your disappointing sequel came out). We've already taken a quiz to determine our corresponding Disney princess, so now the ladies can take a shot at discovering their gender-swapped Disney character.

Let's get right to it and find your hero!

Great, now that we have your match, we can browse all of these noble outcomes!



You are the good-hearted Aladdin from, well, Aladdin. You are kind, clever, and optimistic, but your lack of finances can grate on your nerves. You are a sneaky character, willing to steal and lie, but only for what you believe are good causes. You have your faults, but any who take the time to get to know you soon find you to be a true friend. You seek to marry a beautiful princess, and find out where your parents are.

Clever, athletic, and having the Genie as your friend, you are a formidable ally of justice. You weren't born a prince, but a wish turns you into one, and you later marry a princess, officially gaining the prince title.

Simba | Source


You are the compassionate Simba. As a kid, you were rambunctious and cocky, but brave and loyal, too. After tragedy strikes your family, you are raised in a foreign region, and taught that evil cannot be fought against. This causes you to focus on pleasure more than duty.

Eventually, you get back on track, and help your old home regain its prosperity. You make mistakes in your lifetime, but you conquer your fears, learn from your past, and become a loyal and powerful ruler. You even start your own family, and begin learning how to handle life as both a king and a father. Your strength, wisdom, and hope bolster the spirits of anyone you encounter, and you will likely have a long and prosperous life.

Prince Charming
Prince Charming

Prince Charming

You are the kind Prince Charming, seen in Cinderella. Your level head, good looks, and compassionate words earn you many admirers, though some believe you are bland or putting on an act. Still, you accept others, even when they don't think fondly of you, and you seek to find true love. Your real name remains a mystery. Some sources state it could be Thomas, Henry, Kit, or Christopher, but apparently, you're not sharing. Kind of strange.

Plus, you may be a nice guy, but you told Cinderella she was the love of your life, then couldn't identify her by face. What's up with that?



You are the manipulative Prince Hans from the movie Frozen. You are very adept at telling people what they want to hear. You are sought after by many women for your looks, charm, and musical singing voice. However, you seek power - something you feel your many older siblings have taken from you. The world robbed you of your spoils; now, you will take back what's yours.

Despite your compassionate first impression, you are cruel, scheming, and power-hungry. You are skilled with a blade, and have even bested the powerful snow golem called... Marshmallow. Hey, don't judge a book by it's cover. Regardless, you have proven to be maleficent, but some believe there's still good in you. If that's true, you haven't shown it yet.

Beast/ Prince Adam
Beast/ Prince Adam

Beast (Adam)

You are Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast. You have acted selfish, conceited, and belligerent in the past, causing a terrible spell to be cast upon you, morphing you into the creature known as Beast. Angered by your transformation, you desperately seek to undo the spell before it becomes permanent.

Though you lack manners, and can be harsh, you aren't evil. In fact, over time, you develop into a selfless and caring individual. Nowadays, you would sacrifice anything, even your own happiness, for the one you love. Your past may haunt you, but your current benevolent deeds may yet earn you the happy ending filled with love that you crave.

Prince John
Prince John


You are the cowardly Prince John, hailing from Robin Hood. You are cruel, immature (stop sucking your thumb already), and demanding. You also love money, considering it one thing you can always rely on. Though a detestable prince, you offer glimpses of your past that may reveal why you became so cruel. You believe your mother favored your older brother, yet you break down whenever you speak poorly of her. Perhaps an unloving parent or feelings of inadequacy caused you to become the man, er, lion, that you are. Nevertheless, you need to get yourself together, or you're going to make too many enemies for anyone, even a prince, to handle.

Your Result

Which prince did you receive?

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Future Content

I hope you enjoyed discovering your Disney royalty! Did you know that there are actually some pretty cruel princes out there? If you ever find yourself governing land, try not to follow their nefarious example, and remember not to raise taxes too high.. especially in regards to handsome online writers.

Stay tuned for more Disney countdowns, and quizzes and check out when each prince made his appearance in the chart below!

Prince Debuts

Robin Hood
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King


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