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Which Godzilla Monster Are You? (Part 2)

Updated on April 9, 2017
Godzilla | Source

If you haven't taken the first Godzilla quiz, no worries, just click here. Today we're bringing a fresh batch of kaiju (giant monsters), so you're guaranteed a different outcome. A few may be more obscure this time around, but I bet you'll still have fun discovering your enormous counterpart

Just like before, once you've found your match, feel free to browse some artwork of the various results. Oh, and if at the end of your result, you find the message "See more below", there are additional details to your kaiju that can't fit in the quiz due to text limits; simply locate your monster below the quiz to finish reading about it. And now, let's begin!

Your Kaiju

Which behemoth best suits you?

See results

Hopefully you're content with your monster! If you'd like, check out the other outcomes below.

Space Godzilla
Space Godzilla

Space Godzilla

You are the ruthless Space Godzilla. (Hey, if you heard my joke about space titanium in the last quiz, you knew this was coming.) Regardless, you are a devastating force. Your size allows you to pulverize enemies, and your mind develops cunning strategies to further overwhelm foes. Two crystal-like protrusions from your shoulders provide additional energy, and you can encase your body in crystals to levitate. Unlike Godzilla, you are clearly malicious, seeking only the destruction of Earth. Even the King of Monsters may fall to your powers.



You are the benevolent Mothra, defender of Earth. Despite the corruption of the world, you believe in the overall goodness of its inhabitants, and will give your life to save the planet. You are physically one of the weakest kaiju, causing some to underestimate your powers. However, you have incredible psychic abilities that can shatter your enemies' mental stability and allow you to communicate with humans. Additionally, you're capable of flight, shoot formidable arcs of lightning, spray immobilizing silk, and create devastating gales with your wings. Plus, as a melee combatant, you can bite and scratch with razor-sharp teeth and claws. It would be a fatal mistake for other kaiju to overlook your talents.



You are the brutal Destroyah. You are powerful and intelligent; in fact you are composed of many organisms millions of years old. Your size grants strength, and you fire a deadly purple ray called the Micro-Energy Beam. Additionally, the horn on your head can be charged with energy to grant it incredible piercing capabilities. Even if you are harmed, your body rapidly heals itself to keep you alive, though you are vulnerable to cold climates. You are one of the few kaiju to ever defeat Godzilla, and you have even survived multiple hits from his atomic blast.

King Kong
King Kong

King Kong

You are the mighty King Kong*. Your powerful fists and huge muscles crush any who stand in your path. You are an unpredictable opponent, and though you lack ranged attacks, you are durable and can use lightning to revitalize yourself. You are somewhat fickle; you could protect or attack Earth depending on your mood. As a melee fighter, you are fast, powerful, and unrelenting. Without a doubt, you are a force to be reckoned with; you were the first battler to (spoilers from your 1962 film) ever defeat Godzilla. You seem to grow fond of certain women, but you're not always so kind to people.

*Since when is King Kong from Godzilla? Well, the two battled in 1962's King Kong Vs Godzilla, where Kong was enlarged from his regular build to match Godzilla's gigantic size.

Megalon | Source


You are the dangerous Megalon, god of the silly-named Seatopians (a race of underwater beings). You have little quarrel with Earth, but the Seatopians believe humans to be destroying the planet, and send you to enact revenge. You resemble a giant rhinoceros beetle, and have a wide and intimidating arsenal; your horn shoots lightning, your mouth fires napalm bombs, and your arms end in drill-like appendages to tear opponents to shreds. Additionally, you burrow through ground incredibly quickly, are a fast swimmer, and can fly for limited periods of time. Perhaps the only reason you aren't considered Godzilla's deadliest foe is your dull mind. You panic easily, and thus fight with less than your full potential. With experience and training, you could become one of the strongest kaiju.



You are the guardian Kiryu (sometimes called MechaGodzilla 3), constructed to defend Earth. To make you, scientists took the skeleton of the deceased first Godzilla (who was replaced by a newer Godzilla), and built around the bones to create a giant weapon. You are a mesh of organic and non-organic parts, and you are more agile than previous MechaGodzillas. You are partially sentient, but also can be controlled by mankind to fight against invading monsters. To do so, you utilize laser cannons, rocket launchers, and an extending electrified blade that can slash and paralyze enemies. Your ultimate weapon, the Absolute Zero Cannon, shoots a sphere of energy that disintegrates its target. Earth is lucky indeed to have you on its side.

Future of Godzilla

Hopefully you enjoyed discovering your titanic counterpart. With interest revamped thanks to some quality movies, the future looks bright for the King of Monsters. I'll see you at our next quiz!


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