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Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You?

Updated on November 26, 2015
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Heroes with a Half Shell

There have been many Ninja Turtle cartoons, spanning generations, on television. I grew up with the second batch of turtles, my older brother with the first, and my younger siblings with the third. Beyond that, there are toys, video games, movies, and comics featuring our favorite green pizza-eaters. You've seen them battle the forces of evil - now you can determine which one you would be! The result may even surprise you.

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What Ninja Turtle suits you best?

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Potential Outcomes

Check out all the turtles' profiles and artwork below!



You are the dedicated Leonardo. You wield two swords to slice foes to ribbons, and are characterized by your blue bandanna. You are obedient, strong, and the leader of the team.. but occasionally this goes to your head. Do your best to empathize with others, and be the greatest possible leader.



You are the intelligent Donatello. You wield a long, sturdy bo staff and wear a purple bandanna. You are calm, wise, and inventive, though perhaps not quite as powerful as the other Turtles. Still, you were the very first Turtle to ever defeat the diabolical Shredder, so your enemies would do well not to underestimate you.



You are the social Michelangelo. You carry quick and unpredictable nunchucks, and don an orange bandanna. Your lax nature earns you many friends. Frequent jokes may portray you as wacky, but you might be the most talented Turtle - if you ever get around to training.



You are the strong Raphael. You are powerful and prone to rage, but good at heart. You question authority, and are willing to go against the wishes of your friends and family for the greater good. While you have an ego yourself, you help keep the pride of others in check. With more focus for your passion, you could be the best fighter in the group.

Venus | Source


You are the serious Venus. You often wield tessen (sharp fans) and wear a long, light blue bandanna. Not many know of your existence, and those who do usually long for your demise. Still, no obstacle can prevent you from accomplishing your goals and protecting the world. Hopefully, one day you'll find a better show than Turtles: The Next Mutation.

Hope you had fun with today's survey! Were you aware of the fifth Turtle, Venus? Regardless, come back for more quizzes, and thanks for reading!


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