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"Whirly Ball" The Game That Makes You Sweat While Sitting Down

Updated on May 5, 2019
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Think you have what it takes?

Whirly Ball is a very competitive game. I have had to break up fights and make ejections. I've been offered bribes to sway the score. I have witnessed injuries, mostly due to driving incapability. Pretty much anything you can imagine, I've seen it! Which is why I can come forth and testify for this games awesomeness.

For starters, Whirly Ball is a five on five game of bumper cars that uses one whiffle ball. Each player is given one scoop, these scoops resemble the heads of a lacrosse scoop. Each player is assigned their own colored backboard, matching the color of their bumper car. Each backboard has a circle cut out in the center of the board. Every time this circle is hit, that team receives two points. Half court shots are worth three points! It is each teams mission to protect their baskets by not allowing the other team to score. The team that scores the most points in thirteen minutes wins.

I'ts a lot like basketball/soccer when it comes to game play and fouls.Their are several penalties that can allow a team to score additional points, one being slashing. Slashing is scoop to scoop contact. Many customers take this opportunity to have a sword fighting match with their opponents. Its a quick way to lose points for your team. The second being hand ball. Whirly Ball is played on an electric court so you want to make sure you never touch the floor while the court is on. We don't want anyone to get electrocuted out there. Penalty number three, delay of game. Once one team scores there is a possession change. If a player doesn't allow the other team to get the ball they will receive a two point penalty for delay of game. Quick way to get put on your teammates bad sides. Whirly Ball bumper cars have no breaks so seat belts must be worn at all times. Many forget about the cars not having breaks. Doesn't take much to feel the wrath of a Whirly Ball bumper car crash. You'll be surprised at how hard the collision can be!

It lies within human nature to want to win opposed to losing. Why not compete in something unique and competitive like this! You see a complete turn in your peers the moment they step into a Whirly Ball car. It's almost as if they forget how to act like adults. If you are looking for something new and fun, this is it! What better way to break the ice between new coworkers or have a "friendly" brawl between family and friends?

If you are not already booking your reservation, here is a little motivation to spice up your whirly life. There's a bar! Most Americans enjoy a nice cold one. Here you can enjoy a nice cold one and drive a 7 mph bumper car while screaming at your friends and listening to some smooth tunes. Especially if I'm your ref/DJ, it's really a no brainier. Liquid courage definitely comes into play when playing Whirly Ball. Legend has it, the more you drink the better you play.

And if that didn't get you ready to rumble, There is even competitive league play for Whirly Ball! In this league of veterans, the final scores are usually between twenty and thirty points. There is one practice per week if turnout is met, along with one national tournament per year split into five divisions, A,B,C,D and unlimited. Higher the division, the better the competition. I have seen unlimited game scores between fifty and sixty points and i must say, its one of the more intense things i have had the pleasure to witness! Rapid scoring and each team working efficiently to defeat their opponents, as if i'm watching basketball, using everything besides high athleticism. It's a chess match in bumper cars. After seeing my first nationals, I was hooked like a small boy discovering video games for the first time. Leagues have a completely different sets of rules as well as harder enforced, making the calls that much more electrifying.

New players are always welcome to come out and join. It's better to start a new team and work your way up to the top. That way you develop the chemistry early in your Whirly career with the same four people because you'll want to have a consistent team to practice with. Believe me, experience matters in this game as does everything in life. I would also advise ordering a scoop! Your weapon of choice on the battlefield that you must learn to wield like a sword. Do you have what it takes?


© 2019 Carl Edward Mitchell II


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