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Whisperings Solo Piano Radio - The Best Discovery I Have Ever Made

Updated on December 1, 2011
Whisperings Logo with URL
Whisperings Logo with URL | Source

What I listen to most of the time.

*Note: I was in no way required or paid to advertise this website. I am doing this since it is something I am very, personally, grateful for being able to use, and would want to share it.

I would like to share with you an online radio that I have been tuning in to for more than a year now. It has a free broadcast, as well as a premium broadcast. The difference would be shared when you tune in to the free broadcast which would be: i) a wider playlist, ii) higher sound quality, as well as iii) no longer hearing the commercials. Actually, the commercials are actually not that annoying, and they repeat usually every 30 minutes of relaxing piano music. Signing up for their premium broadcast, referred to as Whisperings PureStream costs only $30 for an entire year. You can avail of it monthly, too, but it costs $5. So there's a 50% discount when you avail it for a complete year.

Before, I never thought I would be able to sign up for their premium broadcast because I am from the Philippines. Now that I already have a PayPal account, hopefully I can earn enough funds to sign up for their Whisperings Purestream year after year. Also, I want to be able to support them in continuing to run since their music is truly very relaxing and meditative. It is perfect in making the home more ambient, or in allowing you to concentrate more on your work.

Here's the link to go to their website:

What I usually do is play their station through my iTunes. Take note that you do not have to go to the radio tab every time. You can have the Whisperings track directly on your playlist. Just maneuver through the site and you'll find it out. It will also allow you to accustom yourself with their other content.

My favorite track would most likely be Michelle McLaughlin's "Irish Rain". You should try catching it. I find it to be a very emotional and powerful piece. And again, I'll think about it well, I'm thinking of downloading her Irish Rain piano sheet music piece and pay $3.75 via PayPal. It could be a somewhat Christmas gift I would give to myself for a that I have gone through this 2011. Also, I am very convinced of being able to support her and her artistry by paying her directly. And I'm sure I'll get my money's worth because I really love that piece.

Now, if you happen to be enticed by that piece as well, or if you'd want to hear it, you can listen to it and download it here:

Alright! So that's about it. Happy listening. Feel free to comment and say what you think about their music. :)


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