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White House Petitions

Updated on March 12, 2015

White House Petitions

March 12,2015

Today is the first day in the rest your life! why not make the best of it and do something you've always wanted to do like petition your government on the most pressing issue in your mind?Tired of hearing things that your Elected Representitive government does that you don't agree with? Tax Policy issues, Congresses irksome rules concerning legislative issues like being forced to Vote on Bills without being able to read the proposed Bill or law ? For example: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's now infamous comment concerning what her fellow constituents wanted to know about the " Affordable Care Act " also known as "Obama care " . Quote "We have to pass it, if, we want to know what's in it".Comment. If, you feel so strongly about it ,then make yourself heard like you've never been heard before and write out a petition on the White Houses own website for just such a purpose. It's easy and you will be participating in your own government. If, transparency is important to you as a United States Citizen the do something about it and Petition your government to prevent such self serving laws as the so called Affordable Care Act which was written by those who benefit with all the flaws or loopholes within it. Monied interests who stand to benefit from such laws are many.

We need to pass laws to prevent the need for elected officials to feel obligated for political favors and to those who give them money for their political campaigns. Let's call it what it really is! Bribery or Political kickbacks. We all know it happens through corporate lobbyists who seek political favors in exchange for campaign contributions. Most of which goes to big Media outlets that pay for political ads.Organized crime kingpins could't do any better. It's like Organized crime in that respect. How ironic that the government passed the Ricco Act in order to go after organized crime uses nearly the same tactics in running political campaigns in this country.

Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare

political poll

Should we have private money support political campaigns or should the money come from the government itself out of the government coffers and be limited to a reasonable amount ?

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