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Whitesnake Tribute

Updated on April 11, 2014

A tribute to WHITESNAKE

I don't now if someone can describe this rock band with words. I grew up with the songs and the voice of David Coverdale and I think I owe to this rock band, to make a Hub with their songs.

Thank God, in 1986, (I am not sure for the exact date), I saw them at a concert in Athens. David 's performance was excellent and John Lord in keyboards was something else. At the end of the live concert John Lord almost smashed everything.

Take a seat and hear some of the great songs of this rock band, the WHITESNAKE, the myth of rock bands.

John Lord
John Lord

Day Tripper (Very Rare Video)

Is This Love...

Check the official site for more pictures and music...
Check the official site for more pictures and music... | Source

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    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 5 years ago from Earth

      Summertime is the right time to hear this Rock-Band.

      Thanks for stopping by Sandra.

    • profile image

      sandra 5 years ago

      Brings back memories looove it!!!

      Words to describe the feeling you get when you absolutely are infactuated with something. Electrifying glam rock nothing else like it.

    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 6 years ago from Earth

      Thanks a-lot for your comments. Keep rocking my friends...

      Alexander from Greece

    • nemanjaboskov profile image

      Nemanja BoŇ°kov 6 years ago from Serbia

      Great hub!

    • ImChemist profile image

      ImChemist 7 years ago

      I like this musics , thanks for sharing it.

    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 7 years ago from Earth

      New rules from hubpages...

      Check the official site of the group...