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Who Are The Investigators of the Ghost Adventures Crew?

Updated on August 24, 2012
The Ghost Adventures crew
The Ghost Adventures crew | Source

We Have Set Out On A Quest...

If you frequently watch the Travel Channel, then I am sure you have come across this highly anticipated show. Ghost Adventures is about three paranormal investigators, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin, as they go in search of some of the most notorious haunted places around the globe and get lock-downed inside for a entire night. What is different about this show compared to some of the other ghost hunting shows out there, is that it is more documentary and they use their own equipment. We watch them investigate these highly reputed haunted places equipped with their own night vision cameras and digital recorders. Though there are many skeptics that question their evidence and truth to the show, just who are these investigators and how long have they been documenting ghosts?

Zak Bagans
Zak Bagans | Source

Some Interesting Paranormal Findings

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans (born April 5, 1977) is the lead investigator, executive producer, and editor of the show. He now resides in Las Vegas but is from Washington DC. But it was when he was living in Trenton, Michigan that he first became interested in the paranormal. So was ghost hunting always in his blood? Absolutley not. Bagans was a former wedding DJ and a former skeptic to the paranormal. While living in his apartment building in Trenton in 2002, Bagans came face-to-face with the spirit of a woman who would consistently call out his name around the same time every night at the foot of his bed. He later found out that the woman had committed suicide in the building. That chilling encounter then sparked his interest in the paranormal, and he became determined to find answers into this second world. He wanted to be able to capture evidence to prove that there really is an afterlife.

Ghost Adventures got their start in 2004 when they shot their first documentary for the Sci-Fi channel. The investigation in Virginia City, Nevada is where they caught some of their best evidence to date. Though Sci-Fi decided there was no room for a show based upon them, luckily the Travel Channel then picked them up and Ghost Adventures was born in 2008.

Bagans tends to be criticized for his provoking approach used during his investigations. He is definitely extreme, as well as aggressive and confrontational. In response to these critics, Zak claims that he is very much respectful to the ghosts he encounters, and that he only likes to provoke the evil entities that have caused harm to others. If you are an committed viewer like I am, from what I see in the show, I would 100% back that claim up. With the tough guy persona vibe that he gives off, oddly enough he does have some fears. He summarized some of his greatest fears as heights, snakes, and dolls. But in three episodes, he has faced each of these fears. Way to go Zak! As far as his "scariest" moments, he has stated that those include feeling a burning sensation on his back while being scratched by an evil entity at Bobby Mackey's Music World, his partial possession and the Preston School of Industry, and being overwhelmed and partially possessed again by a dark energy at Poveglia Island.

You will also see Zak Bagans again soon as he is now hosting a new show called Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel.

Nick Groff
Nick Groff | Source

Nick Groff

Nick Groff (born April 19, 1980) is the co-investigator of the show, co-host, and cameraman. He also co-founded the show along with Zak Bagan. Also living in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter, he is originally from San Jose, California. While living in Salem, New Hampshire, Groff experienced his first paranormal encounter when he was just 8 years old in which he could not explain. He saw a figure of a man on his back porch in an old cul-de-sac, which then sparked his fascination and curiosity into the paranormal. After graduating from Pelham High School, Groff went on to study film, where he met Aaron Goodwin, at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas. After graduating college, he then became a ghost hunter. During Groff's wedding in Nevada, he met Bagan's who was deejaying for his wedding at the time. Because of their mutual interests in the paranormal, the two then became partners to investigate the paranormal.

Groff has had his share of memorable moments on the show as well and he lists them as the life-changing experience he encountered at The Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia, where he was possessed by a dark entity. He also recalls the startling experience where he came face-to-face with a female apparition at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Very brave Nick, because all of experiences would scare the crap out of me!

Aaron Goodwin
Aaron Goodwin | Source

Finds of Bobby Mackey's Music World

Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin (born April 1, 1976) is the equipment technician, camera operator, co-host, co-investigator of the show. Because they needed a cameraman for their the documentary, Goodwin was introduced to Bagans by Groff. He is originally from Portland, Oregon, but he also now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since being in film school with Groff, Goodwin was originally a cameraman for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and filmed several other behind-the-scenes film premieres in Las Vegas. Aaron claims he "never really thought twice about ghosts." After watching him on the show, we can all see how scared he can get, and he now says that "1,000 percent believer" in ghosts. Bagan's often likes to feed on Goodwin's fears, and most times casts him as "bait" on the show because it is said that entities themselves will interact with people that have the most fear.

Goodwin's career in the paranormal, however, has deeply affected his personal life. In a flashback to the episode of "Return To Bobby Mackey's Music World", Bagan's outright asks Goodwin whether he believes their first investigation at the famous haunted club affected his marriage. Goodwin then claim's that he is sure that the aftermath of the investigation ended his marriage. Their original investigation at the music club affected almost all who was a part that night, as a dark entity followed them home, and unexplained phenomena then reportedly happened. Nick himself would wake up often in the middle of the night to hear banging pots in his kitchen. Goodwin explained that his now ex-wife was having nightmares that were related to Bobby Mackey's Music World, and would report to him that something dark and evil was attacking her. He says that although they remain best friends, they ended the marriage as a protection to her. It goes to show just how dangerous ghost hunting can be. Most believe that ghosts cannot hurt you when in fact they most certainly can, whether it be physical or personal. I believe all three of these men get scratches on them in different episodes from a so-called evil entity.

Now You Can Own The Ghost Adventure's Seasons

These Are Their Ghost Adventures

Despite mixed critic and watcher reviews, Ghost Adventures has won several awards and often like to interact with their fans as well as other paranormal investigators. Although they do conduct their investigations with their own equipment, they will review and analyze their findings and evidence with some of the most respected and expert specialists in the paranormal field. Part of the reason I enjoy Ghost Adventures more then other paranormal shows is for that fact. It is a three-man show using their own equipment and analysis. I also like the fact that there is not a lot of crew members because that tends to create too much noise which could possibly lead to their evidence becoming harder to prove and contaminated.

Some critics claim them to be fake, too provoking, or overly- exaggerated, but I highly disagree and say they are totally entertaining! They are extreme, and take their investigations seriously, yet can bring some humor to the situation as well. I guarantee if you are interested in the paranormal, you could never get bored watching this show! A lot of us want answers, and here is a trio set out to help find it and bring us evidence. Way to go Ghost Adventures!

Some of Ghost Adventures Best Moments

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    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna 3 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you Ghost1seeker. I too love the paranormal having had some experiences myself. I just get drawn to it. I guess we are attracted to things we can't understand. Thanks for reading!

    • ghost1seeker profile image

      ghost1seeker 4 years ago

      Hi thumbs up! Awesome HUB! i know that the Ghost Adventures can be a little on the stage sort of guys. But i can't help flicking the channel onto Travel Channel when i know the show is going to start. It really is fun to watch! And i love the paranormal.

    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna 4 years ago from East Coast

      maalarue, I too have had my share of paranormal experiences throughput my life, starting as a child. It just makes me more interested in learning about it and hearing other experiences! A ouija board can definitely bring in something bad. Thank you for taking the time to read and share some of you and your wife's experiences.

    • maalarue profile image

      John Mark 4 years ago from Texas

      My wife and I have had many encounters with the paranormal. Only last week on our way back from Nevada to Texas i saw a shadow person in the hotel room we were staying in. Scared the mess out of me.

      My scariest encounter was waking up to ALL the kitchen cabinets wide open while nobody was in the house but me. All the doors in the house were dead-bolted and windows locked, so this was definitely not a prank. My daughter and her friend had been playing with a ouija board a few weeks before, so I think they brought something into the house.

      I also have pics my wife took of a strange sphere in one of our rooms.

      Those are only a few of our many experiences. My wife has had many many more.

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      Great background information on the investigators of ghost adventures. I love to watch shows or documentaries about ghosts and haunted locations. Having experienced a few ghostly happenings personally, I have no doubt about the paranormal. Enjoy your writing bwhite062007, keep the hubs coming! Voted up, awesome, and interesting.

    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna 6 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you! And I too, love Ghost Hunters. I was actually a ghost hunters fan before a ghost adventures one. I understand you not liking the dramactis, it can get a bit silly sometimes, but I just love how entertaining the show is. And yeah Zac Bagans is a hottie! lol

    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      I think you have done an awesome job on this hub , alot of information here , i voted it up , awesome and interesting and useful as well . I am a big fan of ghost hunters , i have tried to watch zach bagans many times but all the screaming and carrying on is just a tad too dramatic , and the Aaron "pissy pants" is too funny ... I do love "TAPS", i think they have a great show going and of course they are one of the originals that started ghost hunting , i still try to watch Zachs show , but all the drama does make it difficult ...this is a great hub though and i voted it way up ! thanks for the read...Zachs , good looks , certainly help me too watch the show :)