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Who Are the Real Heros?

Updated on February 13, 2017

Through our life, we see more movies than we can remember and each time we see the “Hero” save the day in the movie we feel the happy butterflies swirl around in our stomachs. But what makes these guys so special that we almost worship them and call them ‘celebrities’? Are they not just doing their job? The career stream they chose was acting and that is exactly what they are doing. So why is it that we go crazy over their interviews and appearances?


I am pretty sure that if Brad Pitt or Zac Efron were to walk into Walmart, people would be going head over heels just to get their autograph and tell them how great they are and what an inspiration they became. But if in the same place an Army, Marine or any Veteran in general were to show up, many people would not bother to notice their existence, let alone talk to them and thank them for their service to the country. In all honesty I find this absolutely pathetic and kind of sad to see that this is what the majority of the society values.

There are people who spend every minute of their lives risking it all just to ensure the safety of other, and we barely acknowledge them. We don’t consider them celebrities, do we? We don’t throw millions of dollars into red carpet events in their honour or have wax statues made of them in Madame Tousles Museum. It just makes no sense, but when giving it a second thought, many things in the world don’t make sense do they? “Celebrities”, aka just normal people doing their jobs, are paid more amounts than a Veteran could earn in their lifetime. Which seems incredibly unfair.


As a matter of fact, there are some places in the world where celebrities have their own worship sites built for them and there are pictures of them in each household to which fans actually pray them. If you think that this is over the line, then what should we think about those “fans” who get so involved in a celebrity’s life that they actually fight with “fans” of other celebrities and get seriously injured. To them this may seem the norm but to the rest of the world this seems absolutely insane. You guys fight for which actor is the "best" but do you guys realize that the actors or actresses really do not care about you fighting on the streets? They are just doing their job, where as you guys are ruining your careers and potentially even lives for a cause that is really useless if you think about it. The sad truth here is that none of these people even notice soldiers or their importance. Without soldiers fighting your wars everyday and keeping you safe, I do not think you would be able to sit at home or in a theater and watch "heros" save the day in movies.

I am not just talking about veterans either, there are many careers which are demanding and sometimes even life threatening which do not receive the kind of respect from people that they probably should. Furthermore, there are professions such as doctors who save peoples lives and yet receive no where near the same perks or respect as celebrities.

Now, it may sound like I am completely against celebrities or movies, but I can assure you I am not. In fact, my favorite thing to do is watch movies! It was actually while I was watching a movie that the idea for this article struck me and I decided to say something about it. Movies are great, and of course celebrities work hard to earn their way to the red carpet, but all I am trying to say is that they are also just people doing their job and honestly have no reason to be treated like they are above the rest of the population.

So the bottom line is movies are great and celebrities are too. If you wish to then by all means have fan clubs, movie dates and whatever you can honestly think of, but just know where to draw the line! :)

Do you think the society does not recognize other career choices as much as movie stars?

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