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Who Will Be the Final Winner of Sing My Song of China in Year 2015 and 2016?

Updated on October 7, 2016
The four coaches of Sing! China
The four coaches of Sing! China

Sing! China 2016 part

Today, I am going to add one part about Sing! China 2016(formerly known as the Voice of China). Before the result comes out, here you are welcome to give your vote to predict who will be the final final champion winner of this music talent TV shows---Sing! China 2016?

Jiang Dun hao is the final champion winner of Sing! China 2016.

The more votes, the better prediction!!!

Who is the best in your heart of the top 6 singers of Sing! China 2016 as the final champion winner?


See results

Sing my song of China part

Give us your vote---
Do you love watching the reality talent music TV show of Sing My Song?


See results

The result of Sing my song of 215 year: Hanggai band---Mongolian folk music won the final champion winner, let's congratulations to them.

here to simply know the model of Sing my song

Summary before you read: This is an article about the continuous updates, predictions and reviews of Sing My Song(Song of China) Season 2 in year 2015 and season 3 in 2016. There are polls about who will be the final champion winner of Sing My Song Season 2 and season 3, you are welcome to join us and give your precious vote to the singer or team you love.

What is Sing My Song(Song of China)?-A short introduction: Sing My Song(Zhong Guo hao ge qu 中国好歌曲 in Chinese) is a super music reality talent TV show firstly hosted by China's CCTV-3 (A TV channel about Arts and Entertainment) in year 2014, Nigermaidi Zechman (尼格买提·热合曼) is the host. In Sing My Song, the contestants are usually are music composer, singer or philharmonics from China, and they must sing their original songs on the stage of Sing My Song, the contestants will have the chance of getting their original new songs be listed in the new albums of the four judges/coaches, which is a little different with the business model of The Voice of China.

Sing My Song is very popular with the people who love singing and listening to music-especially the young music fans, its faithful audience are from many countries such as China(including the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Vietnam, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia..., even in Canada and USA, there are many audience focus on Sing My Song of China. If you love singing songs, shows of Sing My Song are really nice places where you can enjoy the beautiful original songs, I'm sure you will enjoy at least one of the songs very much.

Season 2 of Sing My Song in year 2015:

The first episode of Sing My Song Season 2 was launched by CCTV-3 on Friday night of 2015 January 2nd, there will be the shows of Sing My Song on every week's Friday night. The four judges/producers of Season 2 are Liu huan, Emil Wakin Chau, Tanya Chua and Yu Quan(music band combined by Yufan Chen and Hu Haiquan).

Sing My Song season 2 is one of the 3 most popular talent music TV shows in China in year 2015, the other two are I am a Singer season 3 and The Voice of China season 4.

The introductions of the four coaches/judges of Sing My Song Season 2: Liu huan, 刘欢 in Chinese, who is a very famous Chinese musician, composer and singers from Tianjin city, Liu huan enjoys the very high popularity in China, he is called as "The Godfather of Music from China". Emil Wakin Chau, Zhou hua jian 周华健 in Chinese, born in Hong Kong, Wakin Chau is a very famous super singer star of Chinese musical world, he is from Taiwan of China. Tanya Chua, Cai jian ya 蔡健雅 in Chinese, popular singer star from Singapore, currently she resides in Taiwan, a popular singer, producer and songwriter. Yu Quan team which is a music band from two singers.

Which team you think will bring the new 2015 champion winner of Sing My Song season 2?

Let us make a prediction together!


  • 10% 刘欢 Liu huan team
  • 40% 周华健 Emil Wakin Chau team
  • 30% 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua team
  • 20% 羽泉 Yu Quan team
10 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Who will be the final champion crown winner of Sing My Song of China season 2 in year 2015?

Henry Huo zhun(霍尊) from Shanghai city is the first champion winner of Sing My Song in Season 1 of year 2014, he is member of Liu Huan's team.
Henry Huo zhun(霍尊) from Shanghai city is the first champion winner of Sing My Song in Season 1 of year 2014, he is member of Liu Huan's team.

What to say about the contestant singers: Every contestant singer has his/her own only and different story, hidden in the heart, or make people moved to tears. So we as the music lovers should respect everyone of them, which is the first thing we can and should do for them, thanks to them for their beautiful original songs, which are pleasant to hear.

*Because currently it is the beginning time of season 2, so this area will be weekly updated. You can share the names of the singers you love at the comments area.

At last, by the way, if you also like to watch the other entertaining TV shows, here to read the 3 popular Chinese talent TV shows you should watch.

The logo of Sing My Song of China.
The logo of Sing My Song of China.

© 2015 ehonhdouzi


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