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Who Is Konan of Sdn48? She Is a Famous J Pop Singer Most People Probably Don't Know About That Is Very Beautiful!

Updated on April 21, 2020
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Who Is the Singer Known as KONAN or Konan?

In a remarkable and sometimes surprising strategy of covering the lives and careers of Japanese idol singers, there will be at least one more added today! So for the purposes of covering the huge industry of Japanese pop music, at least one more idol singer will be given coverage, praise, love, and admiration. That Japanese idol singer is KONAN or Yumi Konan, a former member of the girl group SDN48 or Saturday Night 48 for short. Konan is a very beautiful singer that most people outside of Japan have not even heard about.

A First Look at Konan or KONAN As She is Some times Known As


Konan Was Born In a Great Decade! The 1980's of Course

Konan as we will refer to her for the rest of this article was born on March 4, 1985. I really like the decade of the 1980’s for several reasons and we can add one more reason to this list and that reason is that it gave birth to talented singers such as Noro Kayo, Megumi Ohori and Konan all three of whom were members of SDN48.

How The Article About Konan Will Be Presented

Note: as of 2019, it has been recently reported that SDN48 will reunite but for just one night only on August 1, 2019. It is also not for sure, but this may be the last article that readers will see about any current or former J POP musical groups at least for a while. So let’s get back to the life and career of the singer basically known as KONAN. In researching the life and career of this singer, there is much about her that is complicated for Western readers to comprehend and understand so attempts will be made to keep things as simple as possible while also discussing the significance of Konan.

Konan Looking Like a Nurse


The Career of Konan Before SDN48

Her career goes all the way back to 2001 when she was part of the dance unit called Soul Tiger Konan was the main vocalist of this four member group which in and of itself deserves much raise given that she was just 16 years old at the time. In 2005, Konan transferred to the talent agency called One Eight Promotion where she has been under contract since. Also in 2005, she became part of a women’s indoor soccer team named Nanzaku YJ Shooters however that team is now known by the name of South Games Shooters. Konan made her entrance into the Sphere League and wore the uniform #10. She played either as a forward or as a midfielder. In 2008, Konan took the next step in her career when she became a regular member of Ebisu Muscats. This was actually not one specific group but became part of a series of groups which had Japanese gravure idols and AV idols performing as members as part of TV Tokyo’s variety show called “Onegai! Muscat.”

A LIVE Version of SDN48's Song GA GA GA (Summer 2011)

Konan Was Also An SDN48 Member for the Group's Last Single

It would be on March 7, 2012 that Konan would witness the release of SDN48’s last single as a group called Makeoshimi Congratulation. In listening to the song, I did not like it very much but those sentiments may or may not change later. The video for this song is said to be telling a significant kind of story. It shows a meeting between the members in the year 2022, ten years after they all graduated. For example it is said that Kazumi Urano became a mother to three children, and Serina became successful as an actress.

Konan Will Also Be Part of SDN48's Special Reunion Concert

As for the one night reunion, the good news is that Konan will be one of those members taking part in this special event! The announcement was made by one of the group’s former members Serina. Serina herself announced that 2019 is the 10th year since SDN48 was first formed and although all these girls have graduated from the group, the focus will be to hold a concert commemorating the song called Yuuwaku no Garter on August 1, 2019, ten years to the day of the formation of SDN48. The reasons why SDN48 cannot officially reunite fully once again as a group with these former members is because these adults are now in their 30's. married and have private lives so a full reunion is not possible but at least for one night, the former members of this group can sing, dance, laugh, and smile as they connect even if it is only for just one night.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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