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A Look at the Life & Career of Maimi Yajima Japanese Pop Music Singer, Actress, & Fashion Model

Updated on March 15, 2020
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Maimi Yajima In 2019

The beautiful Maimi Yajima looks a little like Yuko Oshima doesn't she?
The beautiful Maimi Yajima looks a little like Yuko Oshima doesn't she? | Source

Maimi Yajima Is a Multi Talented Celebrity

Of all the members of former Japanese pop music group C-ute, there is one member which we have not discussed or analyzed and that one member is Maimi Yajima who was also the leader of Hello! Project. For those of you that have the interest to read about what Hello! Project is I have written a separate article about it previously. Yajima was born on February 7, 1992 in the city of Saitama in Japan. Her career began back in 2002 when this pop singer was just a little girl. It may sound obvious but every person when starting out in life has to start somewhere. Maimi Yajima is also a fashion model having been the first member of C-ute to have released a photo book. If we do not include former member Erika Umeda, Yajima born in 1992 is the oldest member of C-ute.

Why Maimi Yajima's Birthday Is Significant

Even the date of her birth is significant because she was born on the same day as singer Ai Kago except that Yajima is four years younger than Kago.

What Will Be the Focus of This Biography About Maimi Yajima?

Yajima has worked as a pop music singer and actress in a career that is now over 17 years. As with the biography about Mai Hagiwara, not all of the events in Yajima’s life will be covered because there are the names of some movies and plays that are long and complicated for many readers.

What Did Yajima Do Before Joining C-ute?

In 2003, Yajima was chosen to be a member of the pop music unit ZYX pronounced Zicks. The group was short-lived because they released only 2 singles before the group ceased their activities.


Maimi Yajima Becomes the Leader of a Pop Music Group at Age 13!

In 2005 when the group now known as C-ute was in process of being formed, leadership duties were given to Erika Umeda who was the oldest of the seven girls remaining that did not join Berryz Kobo (the other major girl group at this time). However, Umeda did not believe that she was responsible enough to do these duties so the leadership of C-ute was basically passed down to Maimi Yajima.

Yajima was named leader of what was to become one of the major pop music groups in Japan when she was just 13 years old! That is a big deal even though the girls in these groups start performing at a very young age. In 2006 and 2007, Yajima was named the sub-captain of the Hello! Project Kids futsal team called Little Gatas. For those of you that do not know this, futsal is indoor soccer. Little Gatas had members from both Berryz Kobo and C-ute.

Maimi Yajima running.
Maimi Yajima running. | Source

Maimi Yajima's Career Begins to Really Flourish After 2008

Yajima’s career would only thrive from this point forward because she would be given the opportunity to be a co-host of C-ute's regular radio show called Cutie Party. She would be given this role when Megumi Murakami left the group. Note: in all of my writings and analysis about the group C-ute I really have not written much about Murakami because her tenure in the group was short and so she was not a significant member of the group. Yajima also took part in a musical collaboration with former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe. The two of them would release the single called 16sai no Koi Nante on January 16, 2008. It would be on March 11, 2009 that Yajima would be getting her first big acting break. The President of Mirai CO Kojina wrote in his blog that Yajima and Kanon Fukuda a now former member of the girl group ANGERME would be taking part in a movie called Fuyu no Kaidan. The film would reach theaters in Japan on May 23 of that year. Yajima would play the role of getting rid of evil spirits and ghosts. She would also star in a play called Shin Gumi 10nen 7gatsu Kouen Ran.

Maimi Yajima Becomes Leader of Hello! Project

A few other acting roles followed for Yajima including a performance in the play called Cat’s Eyes in 2013. It would also be in 2013 that Yajima would be in attendance at singer Erina Mano’s graduation ceremony with former Berryz Kobo member Momoko Tsugunaga. It would be on October 8, 2014 that Sayumi Michishige would publicly announce that Yajima would become the next leader of Hello! Project once Michishige graduated in November 2014. This was a history making moment because it would be the very first time that the leader of Hello! Project would not be from Morning Musume. On January 1, 2015, Yajima would be chosen as something called the plus model for the Hello! Project digital books series. In January 2018, Yajima would appear as a guest at the Japan Expo in Thailand where she would hold a meet and greet kind of event.


Interesting Facts About Maimi Yajima

  • Yajima is considered to be one of the fastest runners for Hello! Project. Perhaps it is no surprise that running is one of this person’s favorite hobbies.

  • Yajima has described herself as being so forgetful that she even forgets when to eat!

  • She really likes cherries and shabu shabu.

  • Japanese calligraphy is one of Yajima’s strongest points.

  • Maimi Yajima does not worry about small things.

  • She thinks that she cannot match the physical strength of Maasa Sudo.

  • Yajima’s future dream or major life goal is to work as an actress.

  • Her shoe size is 24-25.

  • Yajima is also good at what is called competitive eating. She once went to an event that was called a wanko-soba eating contest and she ended up eating 87 bowls of that food in just ten minutes which was much more than the other contestants!

  • Yajima says that her role models are Natsumi Abe, Kei Yasuda, and Miki Fujimoto.

  • To this day, Yajima has a very good relationship with Airi Suzuki, one of her former band mates.

  • She is best friends with former member Erika Umeda.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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