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Who Is the Blue Wiggle?

Updated on February 14, 2013

Who is the Blue Wiggle? The Wiggles are a world renowned children's musical group, consisting of four members, the Blue Wiggle, the Red Wiggle, the Yellow Wiggle, and the Purple Wiggle. The group has been producing music, television shows, DVDs, and concert tours since the early 1990s. You may have wondered about the individual members. Here is a bit about the Blue Wiggle.

Anthony Field

Since the band’s inception, the Blue Wiggle has been “Anthony Wiggle,” also known as Anthony Field. Anthony Field was born in New South Wales, Australia May 8, 1963 and was raised in Sydney, Australia. Like his fellow Wiggles members, as a young man, he aspired to a career in music. Field, along with his brothers, was a founding member of the 1980’s pop band, The Cockroaches.

Field made two albums with The Cockroaches, which had some moderate commercial success in Australia. He took a brief break from The Cockroaches to serve with the Australian Regular Army, and then decided pursue a college education in early childhood education at Macquarie University. Over the course of his studies, Field met Murray Cook and Greg Page, with whom he would form the Wiggles. Field convinced former Cockroaches bandmate Jeff Fatt, the Purple Wiggle, to join the Wiggles as well.

Field, Cook, and Page worked together on a class project, which ultimately led to the formation of the Wiggles in its current form in 1991. The group ended up recording an album of children’s songs. From there, the band has worked together to record numerous albums, toured all over the world, and have their own television show. They have grown to become one of the most popular children’s bands, a status they continue to enjoy to this day.

Field contributes vocals and performs multiple instruments. Despite struggling with depression and a strong dislike of touring, Field worked to improve his health and continues to perform and produce much of the Wiggles’ music and shows. In addition to his musical contributions, Field is the originator and performer of the Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog roles. Paul Paddick would eventually take over the role of Captain Feathersword, and the Wiggles dancers took over the role of Wags the Dog.

2013 and Onward

Beginning at the end of 2012, the Wiggles announced that three of the original members, Murray Cook (Red Wiggle), Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle), and Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle) will retire. Field will continue to perform with the Wiggles as the only original member of the group.


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