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Who Is the Purple Wiggle?

Updated on June 3, 2013

Who is the Purple Wiggle? The Wiggles have made a name for themselves as an international favorite musical act among the preschool set. The four-member group, which hails from Sydney, Australia, has been entertaining and educating youngsters with their catchy songs since the 1990’s. You may have wondered about the individual members, especially the Purple Wiggle.

Henry the Octopus, a popular character in the Wiggles Show, was created by Fatt
Henry the Octopus, a popular character in the Wiggles Show, was created by Fatt | Source

Jeff Fatt: 1991-2012

Since the band’s inception, the Purple Wiggle has been “Jeff Wiggle,” also known as Jeff Fatt. Jeff Fatt was born in New South Wales, Australia July 21, 1953. As a young man, Fatt was interested in architecture and received a degree in industrial studies. He opened a business with his brother in Sydney and played keyboard with the band, The Roadmasters. Eventually, Fatt was recruited by Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) to join the Cockroaches.

In 1990, the Cockroaches disbanded. It was around this time that the other members of the Wiggles, Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle), Murray Cook (Red Wiggle), and Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle), met while studying early childhood development at Macquarie University. Field, Cook, and Page worked together on a class project, and Field convinced Fatt to lend his musical expertise to the act, leading to the formation of the Wiggles in 1991. The group ended up recording an album of children’s songs and has continued to work together to record numerous albums, tour all over the world, and produce their own television show.

While all the members contribute vocals, Fatt performs several instruments, including the keyboard, accordion, piano, and guitar. Despite his laid back personality, Fatt has been described by other members of the Wiggles as the musical backbone of the group. Fatt has a strong predilection for sleeping at odd hours, a foible that has been incorporated into the Wiggles’ act, spawning such songs as “Wake Up Jeff!” And in addition to his musical abilities, Fatt originated the beloved Henry the Octopus character, and continues to perform his voice while other actors play the role. When he’s not performing with the Wiggles, Fatt enjoys surfing.

2013 and Onward

In 2012, the Wiggles announced that Fatt, along with Murray Cook (Red Wiggle) and Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle) will retire from the group at the end of 2012. The only original member to continue performing with the new Wiggles lineup will be Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle). The role of the Purple Wiggle will be performed by Lachlan Gillespie. Gillespie has been touring and performing with the Wiggles as a dancer and backup singer since 2009.


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