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Who Killed Dr. Silas Clay?

Updated on August 2, 2015

R.I.P Silas Clay

The Crime

At the end of Friday's episode of General Hospital, the former artist known as Franco walked in on Nina Lansing holding a bloody knife while sitting over Dr. Silas Clay, her ex-husband, who lay dead from being stabbed in the back.

This murder ends the two year run for the character, and the three and a half year run for the actor, Michael Easton, who jumped over to GH as John McBain following the cancelation of One Life to Live. I'm sad to see the character go, as I don't share the popular opinion that says that he should be gone. I enjoyed his Greek chorus-like thing he had about him. He was honest and often said the things you were just waiting for someone to say about certain situations. (i.e: "Cut the crap! I know it's you, Ava!")

So, I wish Michael Easton all the best in his career and hope he isn't out of a job for too long.

The Suspects

For the audience, there are three suspects in this crime. Although it would be cool no matter who did it, I have a pick for who I hope committed the murder.

However, I do feel the need to point out that no matter who did it, they were all pretty stupid motives. I'll explain more as I dissect each suspect.

Nina Lansing

The first time we see Dr. Clay's corpse, Nina is sitting next to it holding a bloody knife. Since this is a soap opera, we can all be pretty positive that she didn't do it.

But let's look at her motive anyway.

Late last year, Nina, with the help of her mother and Franco, kidnapped Avery Corinthos the night she was born, Halloween night. Nina and Franco had the baby for a little bit before Franco's mom turned them in. Fast forward six months and Franco and Nina both got away with the kidnapping, receiving slaps on the wrist. Then Avery gets kidnapped again. The whole town looks at Nina. She swears that she's innocent.

Recently, her mother and scheming husband attempted to gaslight her and drive her insane by making her think that she had kidnapped Avery a second time and her guilty conscience was what was making her insane. It culminated on Thursday when her husband convinced her to commit herself to a mental institution.

Franco, however, quickly made the save and told her everything. She wasn't the one who kidnapped Avery. Silas was! And Silas had sat there and watched her lose her mind over her false guilt for almost a month.

Very upset, Nina ran from the mental institution. The next time we saw her was when she was sitting next to Silas, holding the bloody knife.

For me, Nina's motive isn't good enough because even though Silas did sit by and let her lose her mind over false guilt, he was about to confess and clear her of any wrong doing. So, it would make more sense for Nina to let Silas confess and clear her name than to kill him and go to prison for murder.

However, the case could be made that since Nina isn't the most sane person on the show, she possibly didn't realize this and let her emotions get the better of her.

Ava Jerome

Ava Jerome has issues. First, she's presumed dead. Second, if she wasn't dead, she'd be in prison for murder. Third, she has an adorable baby girl she's not allowed to have contact with. Fourth, she's sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend.

After being drugged and having her labor forced...and her baby snatched from her womb...and going to prison to await trial for murder...and escaping from prison...and being shot in the boob...and falling off a bridge and into a New York February...and attending her own funeral, Ava received the news that she was dying from Leukemia in an advanced stage. Talk about a rough three months.

However, the mob princess was lucky enough to have a cancer doctor as her baby daddy. Silas secretly helped her recover from her gunshot wound. He then kidnapped baby Avery and performed a bone marrow transplant to save Ava's life.

After recovering from the cancer and the transplant, Ava returned to Port Charles with her hair dyed black, her finger prints burned off, a tattoo covering her bullet wound, and a Jersey accent. She proclaimed herself to be Denise DeMuccio, Ava's long lost fraternal twin sister. No one, especially her other baby daddy, rival mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, wanted to believe the long lost twin story, but they were all forced to semi-accept it when DNA tests confirmed it.

Fast Forward two months and Ava is having an affair with Morgan Corinthos, her former son-in-law, former boyfriend/lover, and current boyfriend of her daughter. Silas is pissed that Morgan is cheating on Kiki, and he's even more pissed that it's with Ava. Silas informs Ava that he will tell the truth...about everything. And Kiki will be the first person he tells.

Ava tries to convince him otherwise, but he seem dead set (no pun intended) on telling the truth. We see Ava leave her penthouse and later return very shaken up. I don't think Ava was the one who killed Silas, but I do have a theory about why she was shaken up.

However, it has already been established that Ava is a very lethal person when she feels threatened. She tried to murder Franco, but ended up shooting Olivia Falconeri when she unknowingly step in front of the bullet. She then looked Connie Falconeri in the eye and murdered her in cold blood three months later. She has also held a gun on her own brother and almost murder Michael Quartermaine.

So, Ava definitely has no qualms about putting someone in the ground.

For me, Ava doing this doesn't make sense because she was already planning on revealing herself when Franco managed to steal her taped confession from the DA's, his father, desk. However, Silas revealing the truth prematurely would've made it a lot harder for Franco to get that recording.

Morgan Corinthos

Morgan is my choice for who I hope did it, and who I actually think did it.

I will say, though, that I HATE his motive. If he killed Silas, then he did it to stop Silas from telling Kiki that he was having an affair with Ava. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the Kiki/Morgan relationship as one worth killing to save. I don't buy them as a couple. I did when they first aged Morgan and brought Kiki on two years ago, but ever since Kiki got the hots for Michael and went goody-goody, her being with Morgan doesn't do it for me. When they first started to put the two of them together when she was played by Kristen Alderson, I was okay with it. But ever since Haley Erin stepped into the role, I view their relationship as Morgan just being with Kiki to pass the time and her just being this random piece of baggage that he has.

That being said, I hope Morgan killed Silas because of the ramifications of it. I LOVED it when Morgan was in the mob and I want him back in it. He left the Jeromes after he accidently shot Max and got freaked out. So, him purposefully killing Dr. Clay could start a change for the character that could lead him back to the mob and start some serious Emmy-worthy stories for the character for years to come. It feels that ever since they broke up Morgan and Ava last year, he's not doing anything that lives up to the actor's and the character's potential. He either doesn't have a job, or he bartends at the Haunted Star, although the never show him doing that. He's stays either with his mom or with Kiki at Silas' place. He is in a relationship with Kiki.

There's just so much better stuff they could be doing with this character. I hope this is the start of them doing just that.

Like I said in the Ava section, I don't think she did it. I think she was freaked out because she went to Silas' place and he was already dead, or she caught Morgan in the act.

That's the theory I'm going with.

Other Possibilities

I don't think there are any other reasonable possibilities for who killed Silas.

Franco- Franco obviously didn't do it because we saw him find Nina sitting next to the body with a knife. While yes, he was serial killer, and he threatened Morgan with that same knife that same day, he didn't do it. It is possible, though, that he and Nina will get rid of the body on Monday instead of calling the police.

Kiki- Kiki was out of town at a bachelorette party at the time of the murder so we know she didn't do it. However, I did hear a rumor that someone might try to frame Kiki. I don't know how that will work, since we know she was at the party, and so will have witnesses who can place her at the party for the whole weekend.

The Knife- If the police are called in, then that knife has Franco's prints, Nina's prints, and the killer's prints. The prints may be smudged, though. So the knife may be useless. Franco and Nina may toss the knife. Only time will tell.

Robbery- It could very well turn out that Silas Clay's murder was a robbery gone wrong at the hands of a character we've never even met. This would make no sense and would be a total waste of a good character, actor and story, but I'm throwing the possibility out there.

The Set Up

Nina is Vengeful

Ava is Deadly

Morgan May Be Deadly


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