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Who Men Are

Updated on May 26, 2017

The Male Image

This is a post to all the guys out there, Do you all feel limitless in a sense that you can do anything or is it all related to your image? The strength that you show makes you feel limitless doesn't it?

Hey guys what is the first thing that you think of when you think of your own body image? Do you want to look like the guys in the magazines that all the girls drool over? The guys in the magazines have the perfect six pack and the best arm and leg muscles. Most people look at a guy for his looks, not for how nice he is to a person. But that is not what we are talking about, we are talking about the male body image. When you hear the words body image for men what is the first thing you think of, a six pack, buffed out arms and legs, a tanned body?

The limitlessness of perfection right, sure that is what most people look for in a guy but is that, all that they have going for them in regards to body image? I know that I am a girl but I don’t think that there looks is all that they have going for them in regards to body image. Body image is not just what is seen on the outside it is what on the inside that counts as well because the outside and inside have to match up a bit in order to make a guy who he is.

Most guys think that looking cool is the key to success, but what makes guys look cool? Having abs and working out, sure people might think that fast cars are part of that too, and they probably are but looking buff is the most important thing most of the time. How can guys keep that six pack body image, however? Well by working out and eating healthy of course. Yes, working out is good for you, but don’t stress yourself out and get hurt while doing it. An example of what guys can do to workout is lifting weights, doing crunches, and cardio. What if you see an actor on television and think hey, I want to look just like them?

Sure you can look similar to the guys that you see in the movies, but you will never look exactly like them. That doesn’t just go for guys however that goes for girls too. Most of us think that celebrities, don’t eat and that is how they get their body image, but most males in the industries are buff, and they wouldn’t be like that if they didn’t eat. A male body image is much like a women’s body image, they are almost always influenced by the media and what people see in magazines like sports illustrated. Sure working out is a great way to get that perfect six pack and stay fit. Don’t forget to eat, though, although more often than not, guys never forget to eat. But what I mean by don’t forget to eat, I mean don’t forget to eat healthy and balanced meals, if you want a good body image. All the greasy foods aren’t good for you, not that you can’t have them but you should mix it up a bit with some healthier choices. Most guys don’t think that they are going to gain weight because hey I am a guy I burn it off playing sports or doing hard outdoor work. That might be true but what you eat now could affect your body image later in life.

What if a guy is really involved in sports, and has a six pack, they might get all girls. When they are younger but how are you going to keep that image up when you are older, well that is when working out and eating right comes into play. The male body image portrays that they don’t have to do anything to get and keep the body that they have, but that is not true. Every person if they want a nice looking body has to work to get it, whether it be playing sports, lifting weights or doing cardio.

Do you think the male image is dictated through the media more than anything?

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Guys and there body image

Guys, you don’t get that six pack that the girls like, just by sitting around eating pizza and drinking beer. If you want a good looking body image work for it, and you will be surprised at the results. Girls guys have to work at their body image too just like we do, so don’t think that it comes to them naturally and it doesn’t to us because that isn’t true. We both have to work to keep a good body image, so the next time you complain about how much a guy or girl eats when you are out with them just remember if they want a specific body image they have to work at it just as much.

Guys you care about your body image just as much as girls do, the media makes us all that way. But just because you see something on t.v. doesn't mean you need to look a certain way, everyone is different, in their body image and how they act. Don't forget that, don't think that a girl just wants the guy out of the movie, they may say that is what they want but, they want a guy with a good personality and someone who cares about them too.

The male image brings limitless thins to mind, a six pack of abs a nice hair cut a nice smile, the list is limitless but these are just what you see on the outside, what about what a man is like on the inside, the male image is not just what you see on the outside its what is on the inside as well. It is also what is on the inside that counts when it comes to a man's personality, isn't it? Isn't it when you talk to a man that defines the rest of his image? I think so, because if the man can't be talked to and you can't have fun with them in the hey let's talk about anything type of way then their image is portrayed as not nice looking or cute. At least that is what I think the male image protreys in my mind.

The Male Image is Limitless

The male image is one of limitless strength. Men give off the persona that nothing can hurt them no matter what happens. Men are all born to be limitlessly strong and not afraid of anything. That is what their image portray don't you think?

Do you think the media has a role in making men out to be who they are let's discuss

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