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Who Told You That? (Walk with your Head Up)-Inspired by Elder Bernice King Written by Dr. Alfreda Love

Updated on April 12, 2015

Dr. Bernice King/Elder Bernice King

Dr. Bernice King

Who Told You That?

(Walk with your Head Up)-Inspired by Elder Bernice King

Written by Dr. Alfreda

Before the break of day, I awakened to pray and look for some of my most influential friends who love God, parade in TV shows, give motivational speeches and continuously face challenges. As I thumbed through my collection of people I have met and those whom I want to meet, I ran across Elder Bernice King’s video entitled, “Walk with Your Head Up!” With the assurance that I was going to read something from a powerful woman of God and filled with inspiration, I quickly remained in bed and pressed play as I listened cautiously to the beginning and middle of her speech. One may wonder what happened at the end of the speech and I will share with you the perspective of a forgotten generation filled with trouble. After reading the article, it is up to the recipients of the message to have a weak or strong finish in this journey called life.

When the Lord allows me to wake up each morning, I don’t just wake up as if God owes me another day. My eyes are awakened and filled with purpose. The mind is concentrated on achieving great things and my hands are ready for service. The precious drums of my ears eagerly awaits to hear a sound of victory or an encouraging word that I would soon turn into a vision to heal a broken nation; filled with crime, hatred, poverty, evil and an absent spirit from God. My research shows that politicians, representatives of communities, advocates, law enforcers and others have tried to figure out the question of crime rates in America, poverty rates and most of all, the lack of achievement and the need for some to take short cuts to experience a false sense of success. As I quickly turned on the video, I heard Dr. Bernice King’s message, “Walk with Your Head Up!” If I had the profound opportunity to translate Dr. B’s speech, I would summarize it as such:

The problem with crime, under achievement, brokenness within cultures, lack of parental involvement and a cruel world is that we are guilty of listening to people’s ideologies and not listening to God. If you find yourself hating one another, troubled by crime or a victim of self-defeat, your ears are guilty of listening to those who have no vision. Whether you are successful or defeated, the question remains as such, “Who told you that?”

Music is an international language which heals the body and soul. The melody that is played gives us a sense of peace. Once the song is over, our feet become guilty of walking in the wrong paths, listening to people without visions or those who have no idea about God’s vision for you. When one read the newspaper or review the news, we find the death rates increasing daily, while the economy is filled with financial crisis and chaos. As the spectators look on, we find ourselves asking, “Will the world become a better place?”

For decades, people have raised the question of what babies need to be successful and we know the answer is to be nurtured. What happens when the baby grows up as a teenager and faces problems like peer pressure, under achievement and lack of support from the home, community and school? Where do we go when that teenager becomes a prisoner or is another statistic counted in the death rates? Unfortunately, there is not a cure for a broken or battered perception, but there is hope to distinguish how one may change a certain perspective of thinking to become successful.

Dr. Bernice King in her speech (Walk with your Head Up) that is attached to the article expresses that God has given us the authority and we are to operate in our authority. The middle of her presentation is a reflection piece of, “Who told you that?” One may view that phrase and think, “Who told me what?” Our actions often originate from an idea, whether it is your original thinking or an influence of someone’s brilliant idea. In order to prevent crimes, heal a broken world and move toward a generated world of love, we must train our ears to listen to value added lessons.

Children do not have much say in who can influence and inspire their lives. As a child is growing, it is the parents’ responsibility to be the person who tells the child to walk in authority, you are great, and you can pass school, graduate and most of all that you do not have to be another statistic in the streets. During the teenage years, it is imperative that the adults at home, in the classroom, at different venues and churches become the who again. It is imperative that adults filter in the mind of children and teenagers that they can be victorious and overcome the world by God. The importance of positive filters in the minds of young and middle age children are necessary for their success. Within the high school years, which appears to be the years where friends matter most is very critical to the success of each child. The more a child is fed positive words, the more they will show and express positive gestures. Defeat is the inability to try. If we teach children to try, they will become confident adults who will have high esteem and respect for themselves.

The question remains, “Who told you that?” If the answer to the question is someone who does not add value to your life, you may need to pray for another person who will add value. Each person must be able to say, “I can do that and I will be successful!” Whoever told you that you could not, lack vision and apparently does not know the vision that God has for you!” Keep Walking with Your Head Up and if you must put your head down, do so to pray!



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