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Who Wants to See Some Beautiful Pictures of Taylor Swift?

Updated on March 24, 2011
Paparazzi pic
Paparazzi pic

Of course we all do

Taylor Swift is one of the cutest young starlets in the pop world today. She blasted into celebrity super-stardom when she was just a teenager and looks to become one of the biggest pop stars of this generation. Did I already mention she is absolutely beautiful? Whether she's looking elegant in a dress at an awards show (with mace to repel Kanye hidden somewhere in there) or out on the beach in a bikini, Taylor Swift is perhaps the most stunning celebrity out there, making Miley Cyrus look like Milton Berle.

Sadly, Taylor Swift is not a great live singer. Anyone who heard her massacre the national anthem at the MLB All Star game in 2009 knows that there's probably a lot of post-production editing that goes into the songs on her albums. That's unfortunate, because she really is the cutest girl in the pop industry right now. I'll post a video of that national anthem performance, in which she also disrespected an acoustic guitar, as soon as I can find a link to it.

Here are some pictures I've gathered of Swift:

Rockin' in concert
Rockin' in concert


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