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Who Was the Most Powerful; Samantha the Witch or Jeannie the Genie?

Updated on November 7, 2015

I Dream of Jeannie - Barbara Eden

Bewitched; Samantha the Witch

Samantha and Jeannie

I loved the fantasy of certain TV shows when I was young. I especially liked those about supernatural witty creatures. Comedies are my favorite, throw in an entity that was funny and can go back in time and change you into a bat, I love it! I would get into silly discussions with my friends;who was the most powerful Superman or Batman? They'd always say even though, Batman, could do a lot of things he didn't have any powers of his own. I don't know about that his car the Batmobile could kick can! The boys would go into endless discussions about The Flash, and The Joker. I didn't know anything about The Joker, so I would vote for The Flash. These discussions would always center around male Supernatural powerful heroes. I want some equal time, for the powerful supernatural ladies..Here is a little battle, Samantha vs Jeanie, may the best vixen win!


I couldn't wait for Bewitched, to come on, and see what new creature Samantha would zap up. The series was a fantasy comedy, starting in the early 1960s. It starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, her portrayal was magical and funny. Samantha is a witch who married a mere mortal, Darrin Stephens played by the for the first three years by, Dick York. When Dick York became ill, Dick Sergeant replaced him as Darrin. Darrin worked in advertising, and would get into all kinds of trouble. His trouble happened when some of Samantha's relatives would visit, unannounced and create havoc. Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, Samantha's Mother dropped in(literally), way to often. Endora, was the elder witch, and would perplex and abuse her Son-In-Law, in humorous ways.

My favorite character had to be Uncle Arthur, played my Richard Little. Darrin made Samantha promise, she wouldn't use witchcraft on a daily basis, only in "emergencies". Samantha could zap up all kinds of magic, just by wiggling her nose. She could make things disappear, and turn people she didn't like into toads. She could throw a snowstorm right in her livingroom. And poor Mrs. Kravitz, the meddling neighbor who always witnessed, the magic, but couldn't prove it. Smantha could do almost everything, they say she couldn't go through walls, but she could appear in any room. The question is she more powerful than Jeannie the Genie?

I Dream Of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie was one of my all time favorite comedies, from the mid 1960s. Jeannie was a 2,000 year old old Genie. She was played in a witty, charismatic, magic way by Barbara Eden. I sometimes thought she was,a Genie. Jeannie was found on the beach, by astronaut Tony Nelson, his shuttle crashed on the beach. Tony Nelson, was played by no other than, Larry Hagman, of Dallas fame. It would be the last time, you saw him as a nice man and overshadowed by a wicked woman. He found her in a bottle, and the rest is her story. She could wave up all kinds of mishaps, and magic.

Samantha could wave Tony on the top of a mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, or down in her bottle. Tony would get in trouble when the meddling, Dr. Bellows, the psychologist for the space program, would see some of Jeannie;s magic.The only one who knew about this supernatural wonder, was Tory's best friend and fellow astronaut, Jerry. The end of the series saw the marriage of Jeannie to Tony Nelson, she was getting hard to explain. One of my favorite moments, the couple watching the wedding video; Jeaanie can't be filmed. Jeannie was pretty powerful, was she more powerful than Samantha?

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Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha

The Original Shows

Bewitched ran on TV originally eight seasons, from 1964-1972. It is now being aired all over the world in syndication, enjoying a whole new audience. It has a whole new cult following. The original I Dream of Jeannie, aired from September 1965 through May 1970. It like Bewitched is in syndication, and has it's own groupies and cult following..

Bewitched- 50 Years of Magic by Durwood Stephens

Genies and Withes

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