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Who Would Win: Thor Vs. Aquaman

Updated on July 30, 2016

Disclaimer: I will base most powers and abilities on the live-action depiction in films. I will guess on the abilities Aquaman will have based on what they have given to past superheroes in live-action films, due to his film not having come out just yet.

With the new Justice League trailer out, I thought I would give a breakdown on who would win in a crossover battle between Thor of Marvel and Aquaman of D.C. The trailer showcased Aquaman’s alter ego Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa. After watching it, I got to thinking about how Aquaman is the “ruler of the seas” and his counterpart in Marvel is Thor “God of thunder” in the sky. A battle between these 2 would have cosmic effects as they both wield great powers.

Setting the Stage

Thor arrives to earth ready to face his foe Aquaman. Lightning and thunder greet his arrival in Metropolis. Aquaman stares down his rival with his mighty trident in his hand. Thor readies Mjolnir. A battle for the century is about to take place.

Aquaman is still fuming over how Thor has been operating with no accountability for his actions. Aquaman has been taking this as a slight as he was once a prince and knows the importance of justifiable actions.

Thor is ready to strike the mighty King down for daring to challenge him, an Asgardian! How dare anyone challenge the great Thor and Mjolnir to battle over misguided sense of duty. Thor thinking to himself, “all I do in action is only to protect the realms I am protector over.”

Fight Breakdown


I am going to look at physical strength, agility, speed and reflexes in this breakdown.

Thor: He is an Asgardian and as such has superhuman strength, which really isn't saying too much as the average human has but minuscule strength compared to people like Thor. In the movies, Chris Hemsworth portrays a very strong Thor. However, when compared to the comics, his strength isn't as much but he can hold his own with the likes of the Hulk (movie version) and rip Iron mans armor off with ease.

His speed and agility are really not that impressive in the live-action versions. He is fast and agile but really Captain America is just as fast and agile if not more-so. The same can be said for his reflexes as well.

Aquaman: I know he will possess superhuman strength, I mean he did pick up Batman like a rag-doll in the trailer. However, I think Aquaman will definitely have his limitations when it comes to strength. I don't believe it will come close to rival that of Superman or Wonder Woman.

Now, where Aquaman is going to shine is his speed and agility. I think he will be very fast (obviously not as fast as the Flash). He will be a fighter depending more on his speed and agility versus his strength (though it will certainly aide him some).

Winner: Thor is the winner of this category. I believe Thor is just too strong to stop. I mean he can battle the Hulk!


This category will measure their strategy game. How well they are at being a tactician, such as will they think ahead in the fight.

Thor: Thor is a reckless. Come on, lets all face the fact on this one. However, this doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fight or how to position himself to win. Thor has been in several battles so he knows his stuff. But I do believe he relies on his strength and hammer to get him out of bad situations. When I think Thor, I don't think here is the mastermind or leader; I think here is the enforcer or bruiser of the group.

Aquaman: I am envisioning Aquaman being very tactical. I have a feeling he will think before he attacks. The trailer kinda showcased this when it is shown he didn't immediately join Batman to fight. Aquaman is going to know exactly what kinda fight he is about to be in and how to win. Now, I do not think he will be on the same level as Batman when it comes to strategy but I do think he will know what he is getting into when he fights.

Winner: Aquaman is the winner of the category. Aquaman will know his terrain (sea or no sea) better and know his opponent.


In this case, we will only look at 2 weapons. However, I will include armor in this category as well.

Thor: Mjolnir. Enough said, right? The cool thing about Thor’s hammer is that it gives him the ability to do more than just use it as a hammer. He can summon lighting, fly and create tornados with it. It is incredibly versatile. Maybe one of the coolest perks is the fact that he can just lay it down on someone and that person cannot get up (unless of course they are worthy to wield it).

Thor has armor but it doesn't enhance him in anyway. I think if he is about to get into a potential deadly fight then he summons all his armor (basically, he covers his arms) because it does provide protection against some weapons and melee’s.

Aquaman: The trident of neptune. This could go a lot of ways for Aquaman. If the trident is like the comics then it could be indestructible which gives it an edge. If not, then the trident is still very deadly. I think he will be able to use it to shoot energy bolts, manipulate the seas and as an incredible melee weapon.

Initially, I don't think Aquaman will have any armor. But as the movie progresses, I think Batman will provide him a suit that lets him stay above water for however long he likes (like in the comics).

Winner: Until more is known about the trident, I think the winner here is Thor. Mjolnir is too powerful compared to the trident. However, I may have to change this depending on what the trident retains from the comics.


This will look at their enhanced and supernatural abilities. I will forgo strength, as it was covered earlier.

Thor: He is a God so as such he possess quite a bit. He can withstand traveling through different dimensions. Taking a leap on this one but I think he can regenerate to a certain extent (really hasn't been shown too much in the movies). He isn't immortal but does live for a very long time and is immune to all the earthly diseases (assumption). Unfortunately, none of the movies have really showcased what Thor can do without the aid of his hammer so it is hard to say what exactly he could do without it.

Aquaman: I am very certain he will be able to use telepathy. I am hoping it will extend beyond marine life and let him use it against humans to some capacity. I think his body will be resistant (not immune) to some weapons (like in the comics). Aquaman will have sonar to some extent as well. He will be able to swim at incredible speeds and obviously stay underwater indefinitely. He will also have an extended lifespan, but I'm not sure to what extent.

Winner: Thor is the winner of this one too. Thor’s Godly powers just overmatch that of Aquamans. Though, the movie could present something to us that may change that.

The Winner

Thor stands over his once great foe. With is hammer in hand, he ends the once great reign of Aquaman as ruler of the seas.

The Why: Thor would be the big winner. However, it would by no means be an easy win. But in the end, Thor just has too much raw power and strength. I don't think Aquaman is enough of a tactician to bring Thor down.

Thank you for taking time and reading this breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed it! Please like me on Facebook. Also, please take time to vote on who you think would win in this fight! Drop me a comment or message if you have any requests.

Aquaman vs Thor: Who Would Win?

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