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Who is Going to Say Goodbye to The Walking Dead TV Series in 2016?

Updated on August 7, 2016

The season 7 of The Walking Dead is returning soon on AMC TV channel on 23 OCT 2016. But, the biggest and burning question from the last season who did Negan kill in the finale, is still a big mystery?

So, who Negan kills in the season 6 finale? Who is going to say goodbye to The Walking Dead TV series in 2016? Who will be Negan’s first choice?

Will he kill more than one character in the season 7 premiere?

See all answers related to these questions in this latest update and don't forget to vote.Scroll below to know more…

First Look of The Walking Dead Season 7
First Look of The Walking Dead Season 7 | Source

The Walking Dead Season 7: Who is Dead and Who is Going to Die Next?

For the last several months, we have been talking about only one shocking scene i.e. who did Negan kill in the season 6 finale?

We have talked about this scene a lot. We participated in social media groups and discussed on this brutal killing. We have analyzed the last 10 minutes of the season 6 finale 10 times and watched the different killing angles again and again. In short, whatever is in your mind we've already discussed!

Two Beloved Characters Will Say Goodbye to This Show: Who Are They?

It's really going to boil down to two basic Essentials, who's not filming and the continued story lines. So, in this latest update, we're talking several things or take a trip down memory lane.

One of the opening stories this week is AMC. AMC is offering us a glimpse into their Comic-Con promo. You can see the angles been picked up, we got the complete lineup and now they want us to speculate who it is that we think Negan is going to kill?

A few days back, AMC threatened a lawsuit against the spoiling dead fan page (don’t reveal the season 7 suspense to everyone) and now AMC is coming out…

Now we have the official permission from AMC, thank you very much and you can see Comic-Con ( this weekend July 21st or 24th features the entire line up all 11 with Negan.

Let's go back to the spoiler wars that have come up several times – Check Out The Big Spoilers

Spoilers from The Spoiling Dead Fan Page

Negan said the first one is free, try it again, and I will shut that down.

So the time has come to give our own Prediction? Theory? Speculation? Whatever. There are two Lucille victims and it's pretty obvious who they are.

If you see Ninja spoiler Journal, you had it pegged weeks ago. So let me disclaimer this: according to filming schedule and our own damn brain, Abe will be killed first, followed by Glenn. Daryl who tries to interfere, it's taken, hostage.

So, according to spoiling dead fan page, Negan will kill two people brutally, first Abraham the Glenn.

Glenn and Abraham Will Die in The Walking Dead Season 7!
Glenn and Abraham Will Die in The Walking Dead Season 7! | Source

What is My Prediction for Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 7?

I am a big fan of this series, so I have deeply analyzed the latest updates and finally, I have predicted the deaths. But my theory is the bit different… HOW?

I found Negan will kill two people from Rick’s team. But he will kill Glenn first and then Abraham.

What Will You Tweet after The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere?

As I have discussed two big deaths for episode 1. So, in the mid of season 7 premiere or after the end of season 7 episode 1, you will start tweeting about Glenn and Abraham. You will tweet…

R.I.P. Glenn Rhee and Sgt. Abraham!

And you will definitely abuse Negan or the makers of the show!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer: Watch Now

Final Words

If you are waiting for the season 7 eagerly, then you will see these two big deaths in the first episode of the Walking Dead season 7.

What do you think about these spoilers? Will Abraham and Glenn really say goodbye to The Walking Dead TV series? If no, then who is dead and who is going to die next? Just tell us in the comment section below.


Who is going to say goodbye to The Walking Dead TV series in 2016?

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