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Who is Gusttavo Lima?

Updated on August 28, 2012

Gusttavo Lima. Who is he? Think a Brazilian Justin Bieber and that should give you a decent picture. Although he hasn’t reached the realm of Bieber’s ridiculous “belieber” cult/fan base, Lima is very popular in his native country and is starting to gain momentum here in the states.

His popular song Balada is catchy and carries a nice beat, unfortunately I have no idea what he’s singing about. However, after much searching through countless pages I was able to find the English translation of the song (this actually took a matter of milliseconds). So let’s take a look at Balada and see what the Brazilian bunch is raving about.

The song begins with Lima singing about his washed car and stereo system set up just right. Everything is ready and he wants a girl to jump in the car and celebrate. He also wants girls to call him because there’s going to be a party tonight and he wants to enjoy it with them until the sun comes out. Yikes…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it sounds better than it reads but basically what we have here is what every young singer not named Adele sings about. Artificial upbeat emotional fantasies/love dreams/hook ups / call it whatever you like, just don’t confuse it with real raw emotion. Obviously that raw stuff is not for everyone, and Lima’s song is more of a get-out-there-and-dance-song anyway. OK, I’ve vented enough, moving on.

The mindless chorus then kicks in repeating “tche tchererere tche tcheche” a million times before the next verse beings. Sorry, there was no english translation for “tche” or “tchererere” and I guess I’m still venting…

Next he opens saying if she looks at him he’ll want to touch her, and next make out with her because there’s going to be a party tonight. He repeats that he wants to enjoy it with her ‘till late in the night. He adds jumping and dancing in there too. Then the uber-repetitive chorus repeats again and that’s where the song ends.

From what I can gather, Lima is more of a young pop singer than what you would call a talented vocalist. I can’t say that I blame him though. I mean, if Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Drake can make it big then Lima is well on his way. Plus with music these days it’s more about seeing who holds the record for using the most computers to auto tune their voice or who can incorporate the most visually pleasing tactics in their shows. It’s a shame that the real singers are a dime a dozen and all too often get overshadowed by the throng of less talented aesthetic performers.

Oh well, what’s one to do…? Maybe we’ll get lucky and things will go back to how they were in the past where the singers were on the stage and the performers were on the television. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Balada Boa Gusttavo Lima


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