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Who is Juan Pablo Galavis - The Bachelor

Updated on January 5, 2014
Juan Pablo is the New Bachelor
Juan Pablo is the New Bachelor | Source

Juan Pablo Galavis Facts

  • He is an American
  • He has a daughter
  • He used to be a professional soccer player
  • He participated in the 2013 Bachelorette
  • He lives in Miami
  • He is 5 ft. 11 in. tall
  • He was born in Ithaca, New York
  • He loves food

Juan Pablo Galavis - Information

The full name of Juan Pablo is Juan Pablo GalavĂ­s Guinand and contrary to what people think, Juan Pablo was born in the United States. Before making an appearance on "The Bachelorette" on ABC in 2013, he was a professional soccer player who ended his career in 2008. During "The Bachelorette" Juan Pablo became everyone's favorite character and that is one of the reasons why he was selected to be the next Bachelor. ABC did not hesitate a second to select him, as he quickly became the face of the show, and his name was in every tabloid and entertainment program.

Juan Pablo and His Daughter
Juan Pablo and His Daughter | Source

Juan Pablo Galavis - Father

Juan Pablo Galavis is a single father of his daughter Camila who was born in 2009. His daughter is from his previous relationship with the famous Venezuelan model/actress Carla Rodriguez. Contrary to rumors, he was never married to her, even though they have a child together. It is unknown why Juan Pablo broke up with his girlfriend, however this will be something that comes out in the upcoming episodes of The Bachelor.
Juan Pablo has mentioned many times that his daughter is his everything, and there is no doubt that she will be featured in the new season of The Bachelor. He also has mentioned that he does not want his daughter to watch the show, but will bring her with him on several occasions and will introduce her to his potential top candidates.

Juan Pablo - The Bachelor Poll

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Juan Pablo Galavis - Girlfriend

Juan Pablo's Ex girlfriend is one of the most famous Venezuelan models and actresses in South America: Carla Rodriguez. She looks amazing, and has been an actress in various countries such as the United States, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and mostly Venezuela. She has been very supportive of Juan Pablo's latest adventures, and they are still on good terms. Looks like their daughter Camila is in great hands, as both of them seem genuinely nice and carrying parents.

If you want to find her onTwitter her handle is: @Carla_Andreina

Carla Rodriguez - Juan Pablo's Ex Girlfriend

Carla Rodriguez - Juan Pablo's Ex Girlfriend
Carla Rodriguez - Juan Pablo's Ex Girlfriend | Source

Juan Pablo Galavis - Professional Career

Juan Pablo used to be a professional soccer player, however his career is not as glamorous as his TV one. He played for several soccer clubs including Maritimo, Caracas, Guaros and Miami FC, and unfortunately he did not have a successful run with any of these clubs, as he jumped around from club to club until he retired.
He has shown his soccer skills several times on The Bachelorette, and viewers can be assured that there will be episodes of the next Bachelor that will be soccer themed as soccer is huge part of Juan Pablo's life.

Juan Pablo - The Bachelor
Juan Pablo - The Bachelor | Source

Juan Pablo Galavis - The Bachelor - What to Expect

Juan Pablo seems to be a very nice guy, as he was one of the most outstanding personalities on the last season of The Bachelorette. The 18th season of the show promises to be a very exciting one as there will be plenty of drama surrounding Juan Pablo.
Juan Pablo however has mentioned that he hates drama and is not even sure if he will be able to find the love of his life on the show. Nevertheless there will be attractive, seductive and most importantly hungry for fame women trying to get Juan Pablo.
Is Juan Pablo going to "cave in" and be a typical bachelor, or he will change the show forever by being himself.
It is interesting to see if Juan Pablo will follow ABC's direction, and cause drama during the season, or this season will be one of the most realistic ones ever.


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