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Who is Lindsay Lohan

Updated on November 6, 2012

Many people wonder who Lindsay Lohan really is. Yes, I guess most folks know she is a famous starlet gone wild and that her life is a mess. She is known for her role in the movie "Mean Girls" and for her Playboy photoshoot. She is known to steal jewelry, get DUI arrests, and lie to cops. She is known to be bisexual with a history of family dysfunction.

Who is Lindsay Lohan really? I do not even think that Lindsay Lohan herself can answer this question. You see her version of normality is really upside down. Since both of her parents are so messed up, Lindsay cannot really tell the difference between right and wrong. Perhaps this is the reason rehab and jail time still cannot stop her from getting into trouble and wasting her life away.

Lindsay Lohan is a victim of domestic abuse. She likely suffers from mania and depression. If not diagnosed properly by a medical professional, mental illness can ruin your life. I believe that Lindsay Lohan has spent her whole life seeking out the attention and love that she never recieved from her parents. She went about it the wrong way by being a bad girl and constantly partying. She even tried getting naked for Playboy.

Her troubles are far from over. She seems like the type of person who will always have some excuse for her behavior and she refuses to acknowledge that something is wrong. Until she admits that she actually has a mental problem, she can never get better. Instead of staying at these resort like rehab facilities, she simply needs to see a therapist and get some practical advice about how to handle her emotional issues. It will not be an instant solution, but over time I believe Lindsay Lohan will get her life back on track.

I also think Lindsay Lohan needs to stay away from her parents or at least bring them to therapy together with her. Those people are mainly to blame for her current state of mind and they need to learn how to be parents and not just people who use their daughter for fame and fortune.


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    • Sir Dragon profile image

      Sir Dragon 5 years ago from Mesquite, Texas

      It appears as though this hub was posted within the last month (November 2012), but the contents of it is simply old news. It is so old that none of the negative remarks can be equated to Lindsay Lohan or her recent behavior. This hub is attempting to have her live forever with her past mistakes. She WAS a troubled girl; NOW, however, she is a respectable hard working woman. Let her live her life in peace.