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Who is Maho Yamaguchi? Pop Music Singer That May Be Remembered for a Controversial Event

Updated on December 28, 2019
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Maho Yamaguchi of Girl Group NGT48


Maho Yamaguchi: A Japanese Idol Involved in a Controversial Incident

Maho Yamaguchi is a member of Niigata Japan based girl group NGT48. I’m sure that some of you heard the news about her recent assault. But this article is pretty much going to discuss what Yamaguchi has done in her career with NGT48. This article will be done with a little bit of an interesting twist because Yamaguchi has been at the center of one of the biggest controversies surrounding any Japanese girl group.

Maho Yamaguchi's career in brief

It would be on July 25, 2015 that Yamaguchi would pass the 1st generation audition for NGT48 and then she would become a member of the group. In January 2016, she was promoted to Team N3. Note: as of April 2019, other than Team N3, NGT48 now has Team G and the Research Students. Yamaguchi would be chosen as a member for the group’s first single called Seishun Dokei. For the 9th General Election, Yamaguchi would be ranked at #53. Team G would be formed in April 2018 at the conclusion of an NGT48 only concert.

Maho Yamaguchi & the "Incident"

I realize that the career of Yamaguchi has been shadowed by the incident in December 2018 in which Yamaguchi was assaulted by two men outside of her home. According to the police, Yamaguchi was attacked by two men that were 25 year-old unemployed university students that allegedly grabbed her face as she was entering her home. The two suspects said that they only wanted to talk to Yamaguchi and that it wasn’t a big deal. These suspects denied the assault and they were released without any charges.


Why Should the World Know About Maho Yamaguchi?

It is even more important to write about Yamaguchi to bring awareness to her career because even though she was attacked, she is still glad to have joined NGT48 because of the friends that she has made.

The Maho Yamaguchi Incident Perspective & Analysis

Maho Yamaguchi Announces She Will Graduate from NGT48

In late April 2019, Yamaguchi said that she and two other members of NGT48 Riko Sugahara and Rena Hasegawa will graduate from the group along with her. In a lengthy message to fans via Twitter, Yamaguchi first expressed her sadness because Riko and Rena were graduating in front of her. Yamaguchi expressed her reasons why she was glad to have joined NGT48. There are three main reasons for this according to an article from Yahoo News, Maho Yamaguchi’s Twitter account, and Anime News Network. These reasons are:

Reasons That Maho Yamaguchi is Glad to Have Been in NGT48

  1. She loved AKB48 and its idol culture. Even though she hated the fact that she fell in love with idols and went against her parents’ wishes, she is still glad to have joined NGT48.
  2. She gives credit to Rena and Riko for always being there to support her no matter what anyone said about them. Yamaguchi says that if she had not joined NGT48, she would not have known who her real friends are.
  3. Yamaguchi is also glad to have joined NGT48 because of the fans. She has thought about her fans every day, even though everyone that saw her for the last time was when she made that apology about the incident. She hated the fact that the fans saw her when she was this upset. Yamaguchi says that the image of the fans crying “is burned in my mind,” (Morrisey, 2019). I can understand why Yamaguchi would feel this way because the incident has not only left fans in Japan outraged but on a personal level for Yamaguchi this is hurtful to her as well. Yamaguchi also said that she may be quitting as an idol but that she wants to be a strong and kind woman that is deserving of people’s love. She said that she would stick to the path that she believes in and live her dream. She referred to her fans as her treasure.

Yuki Kashiwagi Offers Her Support for Maho Yamaguchi

These two men because of their selfish actions have angered an entire nation and there is no excuse for incidents such as this to occur in a country like Japan. In a show of major solidarity and support, current NGT48 member Yuki Kashiwagi sent out a statement on Twitter on January 10, 2019 as the group held a LIVE show. Kashiwagi said that she is so sorry for causing fans to worry so much and that she offered to do everything she could with all of her effort to be able to repay the fans.

Final Thoughts About Maho Yamaguchi & the Incident That Saddened Her

I would not want to see Yamaguchi’s career be defined by the incident and outrage that sparked it but this is how some fans will remember her. In addition to this, NGT48’s operating company AKS filed a lawsuit against two of the alleged perpetrators of the incident. It is said that the goal of the lawsuit is to clarify the details of the incident in a court setting. Surely, Yamaguchi did not make up the details of this incident. It is very likely that she was attacked by these two men and the Japanese public and fans of NGT48 deserve to have answers as to how and why a Japanese idol singer was attacked by two men who claimed that they only wanted to talk to her.

This incident involving Yamaguchi may be an isolated incident or it may be part of something larger. But one thing is for sure: Maho Yamaguchi deserves a normal life as she is about to leave NGT48.

Maho Yamaguchi Will Release a Photo Book!

Yamaguchi has now revealed details about her first solo photo book called “present.” This photo book is expected to be released on September 24, 2019, also the 24th birthday for this former member of NGT48.

Photos for the photo book were taken in Hawaii which is a place that Yamaguchi had always wanted to visit. Some of you might be asking what the significance of the title is. The title “present” represents a present for herself as well as her fans and she hopes that people can get to really know about her present self.

Maho Yamaguchi & Transfer to Ken-On

Note: as of May 25th 2019, Yamaguchi announced that she has changed talent agencies. She is now signed on to Ken-On. She vowed to “polish” herself and to do her best with her activities that will be coming.


Morrisey, K. (2019, April 26). Maho Yamaguchi Posts Heartfelt Message to Fans After Graduating NGT48. Retrieved from Anime News Network:

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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