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Who is Natsume Sano? Former Japanese Fashion Model Turned Actress

Updated on January 26, 2021
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Natsume Sano From a Photo Shoot Back In 2006

Natsume Sano is seen here reading a magazine while getting her exercise as well.
Natsume Sano is seen here reading a magazine while getting her exercise as well.

Natsume Sano & Where She Was Born

Natsume Sano is probably one of the lesser known Japanese supermodels but that does not mean that she lacks cuteness. In fact, if you enjoy supermodels that have both a cute face and a beautiful body to go along with it, then Natsume Sano is an example of such a celebrity. Natsume Sano is seen doing photo shoots with fellow supermodel Saori Yamamoto. Natsume Sano is primarily a swimsuit or bikini model or least she used to be until the end of 2009. Natsume Sano has a cute face just like supermodels just like Reon Kadena and Mika Inagaki.

Natsume was born on February 14, 1985 in Tokyo. She was born on Valentine’s Day in the United States! She stands at 155 centimeters tall.

Most Interesting Aspect of Natsume Sano's Life

Now here is what may be the most interesting aspect of the life of Natsume Sano which has nothing to do with her life as an entertainer and this is the fact that she has a very strong interest in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a sort of scientific practice that originates from Ancient Chinese time periods that claims to use energy forces in order to harmonize people with their environment.

Natsume Sano's Acting Work

Natsume has also been involved in acting. Her debut TV drama appearance came in 2007 when she starred in “Xenos.” In 2008, she starred in the 7th episode of “Blow Angel Ruri.” As for her movie roles, Natsume has starred in movies such as “Killing Bee” (2005), “Flowers in the Shadow” (2008), “Postman” (2008), and “Urahara” (2008). Natsume is signed to the talent agency Metal Box. She goes by the nickname “Burin.” On October 20, 2009, she announced that she will be retiring from modeling to focus on a movie career. As the website called Japanator says, sometimes, these girls aspire to doing and being more than just fashion & bikini models.

Natsume Sano With Saori Yamamoto

Natsume Sano sharing a smile with Saori Yamamoto (top).
Natsume Sano sharing a smile with Saori Yamamoto (top).

Natsume Sano's Video & DVD Releases

Natsume Sano has released several videos and DVD’s. Some of them are:

  • Sexy Grand Prix (2004)
  • Dream Girl (2004)
  • Pure Smile (2004)
  • D-Splash! (2006)

Natsume Sano's Digital Photo Book Releases

Natsume Sano has also released many digital photo books. They are:

  • Girl’s Minute
  • Sexy Pride
  • Shizuku
  • Honesty
  • Natsume Sano Digital Photo book
  • Natsume No Arbeit
  • Painatsupurun (this one is particularly hard to pronounce for English speakers).

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