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Who is Rey?

Updated on April 6, 2017
Theory One, Rey is Anakin Skywalker's reincarnation.
Theory One, Rey is Anakin Skywalker's reincarnation.

In the world of all things Star Wars the biggest controversy, the biggest issue concerning every geek, fanatic and regular fan is who is this girl Rey. Who named her Rey? Where did she come from?

There are tons of theories, most are illogical and make zero sense so for now we will take a closer look at three theories that do make sense. The three that would propel the latest trilogy forward are fairly easy to follow. One is just stupid, one is convoluted and the last one ties everything together nicely.

Theory One: This one has come from people in the film industry I trust so bear with me. Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. Let me repeat she is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. Anyone feel like we are about to be hosed if they go this way? I do. Remember how Anakin first arrived like the Holy Mother? This was supposed to be an immaculate conception and it made no sense. And if they did go this way it would ruin the story. Then we might just see midochlorians etc. So if Rey appears out of a Jaku cactus plant it basically renders her Force vision completely irrelevant. But that’s a theory. Imagine Skywalker looking at her saying “You are my father.” Marinade in that vat of crap.

Dad of the year, Luke Skywalker. Is he her dad? If so why did he not look for his daughter?
Dad of the year, Luke Skywalker. Is he her dad? If so why did he not look for his daughter?

Theory Two: Luke Skywalker is her father. Now while many geeks would love to see this it brings up all kinds of plot issues that would make the films very convoluted. There are many who use the new ‘canon’ as their reasoning and rational. Ok, fine let’s go that way. The writers get to add numerous characters, subplots and then the audience who does not read the books, who just wants to see a good movie is left wondering why so complicated. You cannot turn a book into a movie without losing what made the book the piece of fiction people loved. I have never seen it happen no matter how many novels I have seen adapted to film. It seems that the writers are pulling some characters and the like from the books but not following the time line or events in the characters lives. Now if Rey is Skywalker’s kid the audience will be asking themselves, so Skywalker wanders around the Galaxy like Kwai Chang Cain looking for the First Jedi Temple instead of tearing the Galaxy apart looking for his missing daughter? Or even a better idea for this theory, Luke himself left his daughter there on Jaku. Seriously people think that. What a dad. Basically he abandoned her.

Would he know if his daughter was alive or dead. If she is his kid yes he would know his daughter was alive the same as Leia knows that Ben aka Kylo Ren is alive and she can feel the good in him. So is Rey his kid? If she is she has a huge chance to grow really pissed off at him for not looking for her. If dear old dad left her to rot on Jaku that would make Rey not so thrilled to reunite with the big fail. The idea of her being his kid is ridiculous for that very reason. He did not look for her and would have known as she was supposed to be his blood if she was alive or dead.

The look on Skywalkers face is a dead giveaway that she’s not his daughter. It’s a mix of resentment, acquiescence, bitterness and fear. This man is a broken failure. He is not the hero many make him out to be and he is being faced by his biggest failures waving a light saber in his face saying TRAIN ME! He is basically the reason for his sister’s misery, his brother in laws misery and the Galaxy’s agony. What a guy.

Han and Rey.
Han and Rey.

Theory three: Han Solo is her father. Drop the ‘canon’ right now and go back and watch The Force Awakens. There are several clues there and to dismiss them is irrational and ridiculous. Han does not start out knowing who Rey is. He’s not a Force sensitive like Leia. But he has his suspicions. And when she tells him her name, he repeats it as if it were a memory. The idea that he might have to play catch up with all of this is fine because he wouldn’t know her. Last time he saw her she was five. Kids change hugely. And she wouldn’t know him if Ren used a mind wipe on her.

Han is also as broken a man as Luke is and maybe even more so. When Rey says you’re Han Solo, he turns and says I used to be. When confronted with Luke’s name he’s not thrilled. And every bad memory of losing his family and losing his confidence returns like a flood. “Yeah I knew him. I knew Luke.” Han practically spits the name out. Luke failed him and Leia. And Han losing the Falcon was the last straw for him. He is a shell of his former bravado filled self.

How did he lose the Falcon? While Luke was out looking for the First Jedi Temple Han was doing what? Would it be a leap to say that losing the Falcon is tied to searching the Galaxy frantically for something or someone he lost? Would Han Solo of Return of the Jedi have lost his ship like that or would a father desperately searching for his daughter make a mistake and have that ship stolen out from under him? Not a leap at all. It makes perfect sense if you understand who Han Solo is.

When Han stayed with the Alliance he stayed not for political reasons or to save the Galaxy. He could have left anytime. He overstayed because he fell in love with a girl named Leia. Everything he did was because of her. The decency and selflessness he had buried inside years ago was revived the moment she accused him of being a selfish jerk after her rescue from the Death Star. So, why wouldn’t he and Chewie tear the Galaxy apart looking for Rey if she is in fact his daughter? How could he not do that? That is who he has always been in the films.

Leia and Rey hug in the aftermath of the destruction of Star Killer Base and the murder of Han Solo.
Leia and Rey hug in the aftermath of the destruction of Star Killer Base and the murder of Han Solo.

It’s a simple plot then to say Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter. That is likely who she is. As for who named her Rey, look at the name’s meaning. It means regal in French or king in English but it is also used for girls. Who would name their daughter Rey? Well who is the royalty here? Leia is that royalty. Rey is the little princess. When Han repeats her name like I said he’s remembering something. Rey.

So where did Rey come from? Well if we go with the easiest and most logical theory, that Rey is the younger daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, then they are where she comes from. Leia then becomes as important to the story as Luke is. She is mother to both the dark side and the light. Ren as the dark side, and Rey the light. Look at how Rey’s presence starts to sap Ren of his powers. The logical explanation is Rey is the sister and is the more powerful sibling. And as for Anakin's light saber, who says that saber needs to be passed through Luke’s side. Why not Leia? After all there are two Skywalker twins not just Luke. And the story takes on a drama that we haven’t seen before if they are brother and sister.

Brother and sister.
Brother and sister.

And there’s the petty sibling rivalry going on. Anakin’s light saber chose the little sister not big brother. She was the real special kid while Ben was not so special. He had Force powers but his could not compare to his sisters. Is he a pilot? No. Does he know anything about ship engines or ever have any interest in that type of thing? No. Rey is a pilot and a mechanic on the same level Han is. She also is a natural with a blaster. Sound familiar? You bet. She has her mother’s temper and her father’s swagger in a fight. Ren might be envious because she was the favorite. The relationship between a father and his daughter is a very close bond and that alone might have set Ren off. Seeing their dad give Rey so much attention while he feels ignored might be the catalyst for him to have fallen for Snoke's lies. Think about how that might look.

Then there is Rey’s abduction from the academy. Think about this, Ren would have murdered a cousin. A sibling? That is a completely different relationship but he could do to a sibling what Scar did to Simba in a way and dump her somewhere. Rey was left alone on Jaku, the only real memory she has of her family is a ‘family’ ship flying off and someone saying to her “Sweetheart I’ll come back for you. “ (From the novelization of the script and a scene we did not see) That’s it. Rey has no concrete idea of who she really is and says so. So how would it be for her to remember being abducted by her own brother after he and his gang of evil doers destroyed the academy and murdered her fellow younglings and then he dumps her in the one place where she’d likely be forgotten and where he is sure his father, mother, uncle, and yes even Snoke would not find her. Then she sees him murder their father in front of her. A father he stole from her and her mother. A father she did not recognize until it was far too late. Basically there are the makings of a lot of hate and anger there if that’s what they decided to do. And how does Luke help Rey confront that? Can he overcome his self-doubt and failure to teach her the ways of the Force so she can do what she has to do? She will have to confront her brother if he is her brother at some point. Would you want revenge? I know I would. Would she? Well think about it. What a mountain of despair she would have to climb to get above the hate and anger of her closest blood relative destroying everything that meant anything to her and her parents. And it’s the most obvious explanation of who Rey is she is Ren’s full sister.

The missing child? Likely.
The missing child? Likely.

So those are the three most logical theories. One, like I said is stupid and brings visions of the horror that was The Phantom Menace. One is convoluted and drags too much from irrelevant books and actually makes Skywalker look like a giant jackass and the other makes sense. It is the next step in the saga. It connects the first trilogy to the present by having a brother and sister at the heart of the struggle. Many would disagree but how else do they trace the connection to Anakin Skywalker and respect the main characters like Han and Leia and even Luke? There is nothing lost here by Luke being Rey’s Obi Wan. He can teach her things that her father could not, and that her mother could not. He is also the witness to their struggles and joys. What Leia can’t impart to her Luke can. He can explain who Han was to her in a way her mother could not while Leia can impart her own version of Han to Rey. And there is a certain continuity of story in that. Its obvious in order to tell a tight story that she and Ren are brother and sister and that much was lost when Ren lost his mind and stole her away. That is ultimately what the story is about.

Balancing the force between them, brother and sister.
Balancing the force between them, brother and sister.


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