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Who is Ryan Adams

Updated on March 31, 2011

Who is Ryan Adams- anagrafe David Ryan Adams - (Jacksonville, 5 November 1974) is a singer, guitarist and songwriter United States.

It is a very prolific artist: seven-year career to date he has recorded nine albums of genre-alternative rock and alt-country. He was married in March 2009 with his colleague Mandy Moore, American singer and songwriter in business since 1999

Musical Career And Biography


Ryan Adams began playing in a punk band called The Patty Duke Syndrome in 1994, releasing two songs on a 7 "single (two songs on the one hand, on the other side was a group called GlamourPuss). He then formed a new band, Whiskeytown (one of many of alternative country band that made a real movement) in 1994 with whom he recorded two albums, Faithless Street (which describes the punk rock too hard to sing ") Strangers Almanac. In 1999 leaves Whiskeytown for a solo career: it is a shift towards more rock songwriting and atmospheres, more importantly, confirm the great capacity of the young Ryan to write songs.


Adams made his debut as a soloist in 2000, with Heartbreaker (produced by Ethan Johns). It is a mixture of folk-rock with Bob Dylan, sweet, yet powerful harmony worthy of the best Neil Young, soft country ballads and touches of blues rock (To Be Young) is the story of the conclusion of a report from the perspective of ' man. Emmylou Harris, who had previously worked with the legendary Gram Parsons, duetting with Adams Oh My Sweet Carolina. Other investments are hard to have written together by Carina Round How to Pick Me Up, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings and Kim Richey. The album had a considerable critical success, but you can not say the same for commercial purposes.


In 2001, Adams released Gold, an album with 16 songs and a limited edition with 5 other bonus-track. This album has adopted a style more 'rock' (minus country). The rest of the album is a perfect mix of blues (Rescue Blues), rock ballads (Girl Nobody), moving slow (La Cienega Just Smiled), all accompanied by melancholic (Goodnight Hollywood Blvd)

On September 7, 2001, Adams shot a video for his song, "New York, New York." only 4 days before the famous terrible attacks. The video shows that Adams stands on the shoreline of Brooklyn, with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center looming over his shoulder while he sings the line "I still love you, though, New York" which became just a slogan on MTV in the days following the September 11 attacks, even if the song was not written with that in mind, of course. It is notable, however, that almost every scene in the video the World Trade Center is at the center of attention. In 2002, Adams was nominated for three Grammy Awards, "Best male rock voice" for New York New York "Best Rock Album" for Gold, and Best male voice country "for the cover of Hank Williams" Lovesick Blues. "

The album continued sell over 364,000 copies, becoming his album most successful consecrating whole talent Adams. In Italy, magazine musical Buscadero "signals this like best disc 2001.


After the success of Gold, Adams has continued to relentlessly (as evidenced by the numerous bootlegs and the unreleased album). He boasted of his plan to release fifth album in 2002 but in the end only one was published. Demolition is a collection of favorite songs of the album five projects (including sessions for the unreleased albums 48 Hours and The Suicide Handbook) made by Carrie Hamilton. The album runs through 13 tracks that give vent to many souls in song-writing talents of Adams. It begins with the Nuclear rocking before moving to the wonderful Hallelujah, now enhanced by the inevitable harmonic trademark of Adams (wraparound Desire). Acoustic cues Cry On Demand and She Wants To Play Hearts. Splashing in Ramones Gimme A Sign up to the final electronic contamination in Jesus (Do not Touch My Baby), a real gem that shows the atmosphere Floydiane Although the album has gained more critical attention has not been able to sell As Gold.

Love is Hell and Rock N Roll

In an attempt to deal with the death of Carrie Hamilton, Adams began a year-long effort to record an album, and the result was Love is Hell. Upon completion, the Lost Highway label's current Adams, received the album for being too dark and not very marketable. Disgusted, Adams entered the study and two weeks later he came out with Rock N Roll. In these recording sessions, Adams was joined valuable collaborations with different musicians: Melissa Auf Der Maur, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, and his girlfriend at the Parker Posey. Adams and Lost Highway eventually agreed then: the label would have released the more commercial Rock N Roll and Love Is Hell EP in two close, the first in November of 2003 and the second in December of that year. In May 2004, Love is Hell was reissued as a complete album, as it was understood with bonus tracks and extended version of the Anybody Want to Take Me Home?

Rock N Roll

Rock n Roll 15 tracks is a long journey through the history of rock and roll with the trademark of Adams. It starts with This Is It Replacement style passing Swallow, who in the intro mentions the T-Rex, made by the same quote in Oasis Cigarettes And Alcohol, continuing with quote Pink Floyd (but only in the title) in Wish You Were Here and so on, an album of pure rock'n'roll.

Love is Hell

Love Is Hell Pt.1 (2003) collects all possible melodic atmosphere, acting as a wonderful contrast to "Rock N Roll." It starts with "Political Scientist", a song of rare beauty and intensity. Carry on as best one could not, with "Afraid Not Scared" and so on, through the wonderful cover of "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Noel Gallagher after hearing the cover, in his concerts often repeats the acoustic version of Adams. It is concluded, the first of two bonus tracks, with a fantastic lyric Avalanche. A true work of art.

Adams was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2005 for his cover of Oasis song "Wonderwall" contained in Love is Hell, but then the prize went to Bruce Springsteen and his "Code of Silence", in the category Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance.

My Blue Manhattan is the opening of this record that he committed Adams. The closure is provided by Hotel Chelsea Nights, a song with the atmosphere Purple Rain by Prince. Also here are two bonus tracks, with Fuck The Universe true foreign body of the disc.

Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights, 29

Cold Roses

In early 2005, Adams announced the release of three albums. The first is a double album called Cold Roses, released May 3, 2005. It is registered with The Cardinals, and marks the return to the atmosphere of Heartbreaker. The album includes backing vocals from Rachael Yamagata on three songs: Let it Ride, Cold Roses, and Friends.


Jacksonville City Nights

His second album of the year published with The Cardinals, Jacksonville City Nights, includes the "Hard Way To Fall Dear John The Hardest Part and sung with Norah Jones. It is perhaps the most country album since the days of Adams's Whiskeytown (a song, "My Heart Is Broken", dates back to that period). The strength of this disc are certainly texts


Ryan Adams, this time without The Cardinals, has released his third album of the year, 29, 20 December 2005. It is an album different from others. More bizarre, intense, intimate, sad and gloomy. It starts with the song of the same name, 29, inspired by Truckin 'Grateful Dead. Great atmosphere. Night Birds and Blue Sky Blues and on to the end, with a Hispanic The Sadness to precede the final part of the disc. The album, according to Adams, it would be his last as a solo artist. Although Adams in interviews prior to the publication of 29 said that the album would have had nine songs, each of nine minutes in length, the album actually is, certainly, but nine songs in nine minutes shorter than the project.


The song by Ryan Adams Heartbreaker How to Pick Me Up the album was included in the Cameron Crowe film Elizabethtown. The song is not published Words, in the film on the journey of Drew (played by Orlando Bloom), appeared for the first time ufficialmnete EP exclusively on iTunes as "Songs For The Ride Home", followed by a second volume of the publication el soundtrack Elizabethtown (7 February 2006), "Inglese Girls Approximately" originally in the lineup on Love Is Hell. In the film, Claire (played by Kirsten Dunst) can be seen with the album Love Is Hell in his suitcase next to the disk of the Heart, Jupiter's Darling.

DJ Reggie, The Shit, and WereWolph

The 2006

In February 2006 Adams complete for the first time since 2003 a British tour without interruption. Playing alone, often accompanied by Brad Pemberton (drummer for The Pinkhearts and The Cardinals) and the final date in London by Neal Casal. Adams began a U.S. tour with five dates on the West Coast in April, then moved to the East Coast / Midwest in June, July and August. Adams has played at Lollapalooza in Chicago August 4, 2006. In this preview tour presented half a dozen new songs that may appear on his upcoming work, including "Breakdown in the Resolve" "Tho hearts" "Rip off" Everybody Knows "and" Blue Hotel ". Adams also has drawn from the repertoire of the Grateful Dead doing covers of songs like "He's Gone", "Bird Song", "Franklin's Tower" and "Stella Blue." Al'inizio of August a new song was posted on his official Website, the song was titled "Lovely and Blue" (originally was supposed to be entitled "France" for an error on idv3 tags on MP3 files).Some of the messages allegedly written by Ryan Adams appeared on the site in late July 2006, stated that designing the publication of three new albums in 2006, but that his record company to print them is uncertain. The titles of the three suspects are Blackhole album, War and Peace and Starwars. On 30 August 2006 was announced through the official website of Ryan Adams and bassist Catherine Popper of The Cardinals had decided to leave the team indefinitely. To replace Adams was assigned to a longtime friend, Chris Feinstein. Towards the end of September 2006, Adams added hip hop to her repertoire, by sending two new songs as welcome to his official Web site, which had since been redesigned. The songs seem to be strongly influenced by Beck and texts funny and absurd. On October 31, 2006, the album Songbird, a collaboration with Willie Nelson, has been published. Ryan produced the album for Willie where he and The Cardinals sound like a support group.

Easy Tiger

Adams released his ninth album June 26, 2007, titled Easy Tiger. The album includes many tracks made during the 2006 Tour, plus other new songs. The song "Two" is sung in duet with Sheryl Crow, while the rest of the album has sought the collaboration of The Cardinals. The first single is Halloween Head, whose video posted on YouTube by Universal Music Group sees the hilarious dance lessons to a group of Finnish elderly.

"Cardinology", the tenth studio album and fifth with the Cardinals, is out October 28, 2008.

Present: tour with Oasis and "Cardinology"

His label Lost Highway Ryan Adams also stated that release a box set in late 2007 that includes live, unreleased albums 48 Hours and The Suicide, a series of live Bootlegged Bedhead and songs not included on Easy Tiger.

In the September 2007 Q Magazine, Adams pointed out that the title will be 20:20 and will be a double album, with the first disc has material that nobody has heard rare and one of B-sides

In 2007, Adams revealed that he passed "an extended period of dependence" which ended in 2006. Adams said that he routinely snorted heroin mixed with cocaine and abused alcohol and pills. Adams has exceeded its authority with the assistance of his girlfriend Jessica Joffe using Valium therapy and attendance at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He is currently on a tour with the Cardinals as a shoulder in his country in concerts by Oasis, its myths and youth, in contrast to what was announced, in late October will release his new album, still with the Cardinals, "Cardinology," which will be preceded by the single "Fix It".

Collaborations: Jesse Malin

Ryan Adams is committed for the first time in producing an album with the first of Jesse Malin The Fine Art of Self Destruction in 2002. Adams also plays some electric guitars and keyboards, also participating as controvoce. Adams later work with Malin to form the punk-rock group The Finger (under the pseudonym "Warren Peace" and "Irving Plaza" respectively), which achieves two EPs collected in the form of album: We Are Fuck You, published by Little One Indian Records in 2003. In 2005 Adams and Malin, along with Blondie, and others performed at the benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina Irving Plaza in New York. Ryan Adams has also contributed to the making of the album by Jesse Malin The Heat's 2004 title and is still doing his art of playing the album for release in 2007 Malin Glitter in the Gutter.

Collaborations: Phil Lesh

Ryan Adams + quickly become friends with the legend of the famous Phil Lesh Grateful Dead. He and Phil met at Jammys awards in New York in early 2005. The two met at Jerry Garcia's "Wharf Rat" where Lesh has tied up with Adams. During the two subsequent years, Adams has met Phil in some performances by Phil Lesh & Friends, including an evening at Red Rocks outside Denver and NYE 2005 at the Bill Graham Event Center in San Francisco. Lesh also participated in many concerts as a guest Ryan Adams. Lesh has repeatedly stated publicly that "Adams is one of the greatest guitarists of his generation."

Ryan Adams and the copyright

Although Adams is not personally involved, the parent company of his label, Universal Music Group is teaming with the FBI and the office of the Advocacy of the U.S. in pursuit of the first stops on the infringement of the copyright law of the measure approved pre-release in 2005. Federal law makes it an offense to publish the music covered by copyright before the scheduled time without permission of the copyright holder. Two separate individuals, Robert Thomas (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and tracking Bowser (Jacksonville, Florida), Jared, were charged March 10, 2006, for having posted four songs from Jacksonville City Nights on a message in a forum during the month of August 2005, shortly before the planned publication. The two will face 11 years in prison and pay compensation up to a maximum of $ 750,000.


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      7 years ago

      your welcome thanks for your comments

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      7 years ago from Montreal

      Now, I really want to know him more through his music. Thank you fro this!

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      Gypsy Willow 

      7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Now I know! Never heard of this talented performer before!

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      Thanks for the information. I would never have heard of Ryan Adams.

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      Walter Tully 

      7 years ago

      Did you know that Ryan Adams is set to perform at this year's Telluride Bluegrass Festival? I'm so excited! This is definitely going to be one of the biggest summer events this year. I hope he also comes here in Denver soon.

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Thanks for bringing to my knowledge who Ryan Adams is. Also his biography. You really done a great research on him.


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